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  • EDIT: I'll keep the newest link to the game here: ... index.html

    Hey all!

    So here's a project I've worked on slowly in my spare time that I wanna keep track of better and get good feedback! It's called "In the Grey" and I'll have a chance to show it off at an even later this month so I wanna get it put together and feeling more like a game by then.

    Here's a link to an earlier build of the game:

    More has been added, and here's my list of things to get added:

    As you can see I've worked through some of it already and I have a friend making the music for me. I'll try to keep this updated every weekday with my progress including screen shots, gifs, and playable demos.

    Let me know what you think so far, I'll get a demo up on Friday of all my progress. For now, here's some screenshots of changed things:


  • Really great look!

    I love the artwork!

  • lookin good.. keep it up!

  • Beaverlicious Thanks! That's what not being an artist can get you. Good shaders helps too.

    jobel Thanks man, you really helped last time I posted. I'll have a bit more to show later today, gonna get a few hours in working on it now!

  • Wow it's been a busy couple of days. I've just been offered a job so I've had a lot of stuff to do for that. Sorry for the late and missed days.

    Here's what I have been working on though. Next week will be a much more productive time since I don't start work until the 25th now. All the spare time will be mine! ... index.html

  • some cool level design! the controller support is AWESOME..

    you are onto something with the last level... like jumping in tandem, that was pretty fun...

    just need some sound now.. use

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  • I almost wanted to use the LEFT stick to move the black character and use the RIGHT trigger to jump with him... and vice versa with the white character...

    maybe you could create custom mappings... or better yet change the controls per level to really test your player's ability! although that might be too crazy.. but like I said before it reminds me of SUPER SUPER SUPER (

  • jobel There should be sound already. As for the controls they are still a work in progress. I've had friends try it and they are all split about which they prefer. I can certainly look into custom mappings, that seems like the best way. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Also I tried looking for SUPERx3 but wasn't able to, thanks for the link!

  • oops sorry, did't hear the sound before.. all good..

    yeah now you just need like 20,000 more levels!

    not sure how much you are experienced with level design but there's a cool video with Miyamoto on how he designed level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

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  • jobel Oooooh that's very cool thank you. I'll be sure to watch through the video today.

  • Here's a little gif of a level select transition. Gonna do a couple of new levels tomorrow and arrange the "chapters" of the game. Most of my work will be on Wednesday and Thursday as I only really have tomorrow morning to do stuff before then.


  • btw, my 6 year old played this and loved it... his favorite was the last level where you do all the simultaneous jumping... definitely do more of that early on.. introduce the mechanic slow and let people really play with controlling both chars at once..

    referencing that Miyamato video.. where he says something like: we want Mario to be big, that's where it's fun.. we back track from there.. how do we get Mario big? and that's how you figure out your "pacing".

    So I think some of your levels are really challenging early on. Where that last level my 6 year old could do easily.. even if he failed, it was so fun he wanted to try again. Whereas some of the other early levels were confusing and if he wasn't an avid gamer would have given up.

    maybe do early levels where the chars are on the same side.. then slowly as the difficulty increases separate the two...(like in the first few levels)

  • jobel That is awesome! Say thanks to your son for me! I will definitely work on the early levels to get a better scale of difficulty. Thanks a lot jobel, you've been a great help for me. I really appreciate it.

  • Today was a good day, was able to do more work since my plans fell through this morning. I arranged my first 6 levels to be "Chapter 1". I got rid of the turrets and anti grav for them. I made a new level for chapter 2 which introduces the anti-grav and there will probably be 6 levels that get harder with anti grav. Chapter 3 will probably have enemies of different types, listed on my to do list on page 1.

    Here's some stuff for your eyes!

    Level 1 of Chapter 2:

    More transition gifs:

  • So today was great! I finished "Chapter 2", which introduces the anti-gravity and is 6 levels long. Here's a couple of shots of the levels before anything is added to them:

    And here's today's gif (it's a hard jump to make):

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