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  • So today was a productive day. Spent a lot of time making some enemies, which was a pain to be honest, but it's sorted now! Also made a couple of levels for chapter 3 and have everything else set up for finishing the game, just need to make the last 4 levels.

    Tomorrow will be my last day to work on the game before friends play it, so I'll post a build tomorrow before I leave.

    Here's your gif for today, I'm being chased by some homing missiles...

  • Nice and short today. Game's done. Well....ready at least for this weekend. We've added:

    Levels (18), enemies, and music! The great on twitter did the music for me, if you like it go let him know!

    I'll let you guys know how the playtesting goes on Monday, until then, feel free to play it yourselves! ... index.html

  • Had a great weekend of playtesting! Took today off so no real update. I'm busy all tomorrow then I can work on the bugs/issues we found on Wednesday. Got the event on Thursday evening so I'll be sure to post about that on the Friday!

    Thanks for all the advice/help/support you guys gave me. I know I really benefitted from this, it kept me on track and motivated!

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  • looks great so far..

    I got to chapter 2 and noticed a mistake... (not sure if it's on purpose)

    when you reverse the gravity and your guys are upside down you invert the stick control.. that's not intuitive.. I'd recommend keeping the stick doing the same movement even though you are on the ceiling... I think it just makes sense to do that when controlling 1 player, nevermind your game where you control 2. What ends up happening is that since you invert the controls, you end up thinking you are controlling the other player.

    If you were going to do such a dramatic thing (invert the stick) I'd make it VERY clear, and introduce that mechanic slow. And that would be a very advance challenge...

    otherwise great!

    the music is a little repetitive.. I liked it better with no music.. but that's me.. I'm a super snob when it comes to game music. I hate mindless loops. btw the music currently does NOT loop seamlessly which makes it that much worse.. there's a small space between then end and beginning...just needs to be cut currently.

  • jobel Yeah it's another thing I went back and forth on with the inverted controls but my playtesting found that people liked it more that way. When I flesh out an options menu I'll definitely add the ability to switch it though so it suits each individual. As for the music I've noticed the loop and my music guy is gonna fix it for me. Thanks again for all the feedback you've given me!

  • jobel Yeah it's another thing I went back and forth on with the inverted controls but my playtesting found that people liked it more that way.

    no I'm not saying it's no good.. just saying it's a new layer of difficulty that you may want to introduce slowly.

    It's not intuitive that right becomes left just because you are upside down. The "easy way" is the player thinks "I want to go left" so they press left, being on the floor or ceiling shouldn't matter. If you play Ibb & Obb ( reverse gravity is part of their core game mechanic and its seamless when you are upside down - to go left, you just hit left, upside down or not.

    Also I would ask your players why they think the inversion works. Because that doesn't totally make sense, unless maybe they are looking at the way the player is facing? or do they actually know which char they are controlling? Usually the only cause for stick inversion is something like air-plane control vs normal directional.

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