[GREENLIT] Fighting Space - A genuine DOS era shmup!

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  • Featuring carefully curated 256 color palette sprites, a smashing 16 Bit soundtrack and intense retro action, Fighting Space brings back the glorious days of yesteryear DOS gaming - when red meat, 33.6k modems and colossal 19 inch CRT displays where cream of the crop!

    The game will be on public display at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival from Sept 16 to Sept 25!

    For more info, check the official website: http://www.fightingspace.com/

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  • I like it very much. The difficulty is a little unbalanced, it's hard direct from the beginning and the controls on mobil is horrible.

    Even on my Acer Tablet I have 30-35 FPS and now slow downs as far as i get, but fullscreen doesent work, overall it looks great.

  • Very good work!

    I just think you should do something for the bullets, sometimes they "hide" themselves in the background...

    Maybe changing bullets' colors?

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback!

    The mobile controls are a mess, yeah

    Probably it won't make it to mobile devices, but I'll check on that later.

    I have implemented difficulty levels, so far having 4 of them, easy, normal, hard and brutal.

    Polishing some art right now.


  • Bumpety-bump!

    Doing some music: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/295 ... geTest.mp3

    It took a while to get the guitar sound like Bobby Prince having a bad day. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz">

    Also, be prepared for some major bitcrushing.

    Stay tuned!

  • Teaser featuring the retro DOS design:

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    And the soundtrack is coming along, check it out!

    Fighting Space Theme

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    High Flyer (Stage 1.2)

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    Guns Of Glory (Bonus Stage

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  • Looks really fun to play!

    Gfx are nice, music is superb! Are you using FL studio?

    Will be following your game.

    I am also making a side scrolling shooter like this! Your game really inspires me!

  • Hey there, thanks for the feedback.

    I create the music using Ableton Live 9.6. Mainly MIDI tracks with a bit of guitar work.

    I'm also planning a making of howto sort of video series, maybe covering the Soundtrack creation process later on.


  • Man, these bosses are HUGE!

  • Initial Release 0.7 BETA.



    Unzip the file into a folder and run nw.exe.

    Alright, this is it.

    Let me wrap up the gameplay mechanics to give you a good start.

    This is a fully featured 8 stage demo covering the first system (Culina Inferni).

    Pilots & Ships

    You pick one of four different pilots. Each one has a special passive ability and starts with a different ship setup.

    Your ship is composed of body, wings and engine, housing up to three standard weapons, three auxillary weapons and three control systems.

    The concept of smartbombs has been enhanced to a mechanic called "Special Tech". Depending on your ship body you have a different special tech.

    -Smartbombs eradicate all enemy bullets and deal 50 damage to every enemy on the screen.

    -Indestructibility will render your ship invincible for 5 seconds.

    -Silence will eradicate all enemy bullets and prevent enemies from shooting for 5 seconds.

    -Blazing Trail covers your ship in a destructive maelstrom for 4 seconds, swallowing enemy bullets and dealing 100 damage per second.


    There is a shop system that lets you upgrade your ship after certain stages. You can fully customize your ship exchanging its parts and weapons.

    In-Stage features:

    -killed enemies will drop power ups and cash clouds (the brown ones). Collect cash to use in the shop.

    -Collect all loot coins (the blue ones) to enter a bonus stage after the regular stage is cleared.

    -Your ships defense is composed of hull & shield. Shield slowly regenerates, getting hit while your shield is down results in hull damage.

    -When you lose your last hull point, your ship will explode and your pilot is ejected.

    -As a pilot you cannot fire special abilities (except if your pilot is Private Hans) and your maneuvering ability is lousy.

    -Reaching a checkpoint will however respawn your ship and refresh your hull. In 2-player mode, if a player got killed, he will get respawned.

    -In 2-player mode, a player pilot can be rescued by the other player's ship and be carried to the next checkpoint. Be careful however, since the hitchhiking pilot can still be killed occassionally (ramming into enemies, obstacles, etc.)


    Keyboard controls can be changed in the game options.

    In the shop system, the key mapping is as follows:

    -Fire to enter buying mode for a specific slot

    -In buying mode, up and down to select the item you want to buy

    -Fire again to buy the selected item

    -Pause to cancel a buying action

    -While not in buying mode, hit pause again to exit the shop

    The gamepad controls are functional, by the moment they cannot be mapped

    -Fire / Select / Buy: X / 4

    -Pause / Cancel / Exit: B / 2

    Have fun!

  • New stuff, coming through!

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  • The game will be on public display at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival from Sept 16 to Sept 25!

    For more info, check the official website: http://www.fightingspace.com/

  • Looks insanely well done.

    OMG, all those effects. :O

  • It looks really nice!

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