Which of these graphic styles do you prefer??

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  • I'm making a pixel styled multiplayer party game but I'm not sure about the pixel art and I'm afraid it might narrow down the market of buyers. So I tried another style to see what it would be like.

    So please tell me which of these styles you would like the game to be in if you could choose Thank you in advance!


  • Both look good, I prefer the pixel version.

  • Beaverlicious Great, thank you for your input. It might be that I'm just tired of making pixel assets for the game and want a change

    And for you others. If you want to see the pixel art gameplay you can watch the trailer in my signature. And tell me what you think would be the best style

  • Pixel art is fine so long as you get the aspect ratio the same for all assets.

  • That's true. I create the pixel assets in their actual size in the game to keep it consistant

  • I would go with the one on the left, it looks more stylized. Both are great though. Maybe have an option to unlock one of the styles?

  • billy Bleeks I actually thought about making it possible to select the style you want like in the new monkey island where you can play it as the old one or with the redrawn graphics by pressing the select button. But I think that is a little too much for me to do both styles So maybe I'll stick with pixels for this one and use the other style on my next game.

    But I'm not sure yet...

  • I prefer the pixel art

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  • Well, the real deciding factor would be the environment/level graphics. The first character would need a similar style of level graphics to match. When we see how the characters would look in-game, it will make a difference. You've shown the pixel art character in-game, but are you going to do new level graphics for the vector character?

  • Could almost have guessed that based on your avatar

    DrewMelton Off course. I would do everything in the same style. Would look really bad if the environment would still be in pixel art. But I'll stick with the pixel art after some serious thinking. Too much work to change it and the name of the game is 8Bit Fiesta. So I realized that it is a little late to change that as well when I have a trailer, website and a kickstarter hehe

  • I think the style on the left looks best. It looks more professional and '2015' if you ask me. Pixel art is also great, but I feel that the smooth style is more lineair with modern games, so I think you would attract a much broader audience indeed. Pixel art seems to be more reserved for the pixel art fans.

    I really do like the smooth style character, I think you did an excellent job there, it looks magnificent. This is going to be a ninja-type of platformer? If you could get the environment and other characters to look just as great, I think you've got a great start for a game!

  • I would go with the left one. Seen too much pixel graphics lately, but i like them both really.

  • Awesome trailer, You should add more levels into it.

  • pixel art

    but both of them are good

  • Thank you. I agree but I realized I'm too far in to change it now. Seems to be about 50/50 on the best style and to be honest the gameplay is everything in my game. So I'll use the other smooth style in my next game It's not a playformer it's a multiplayer party game. So this Ninja is one of over 50 playable characters in my game.

    A0Nasser Glad you liked it. I will add more gameplay later. I need four players here every time a want to record something because it's a multiplayer game so the gameplay capturing takes time when I can't do it by myself

    tunepunk Thank you. Yeah, said the same thing. But here I am making pixel art anyway x)

    thehorseman007 Great, thank you for you input

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