[Feedback] Dialogue Box For Lazy People

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  • bbenny93

    First, thank you for your dialogue system. I do not have much knowledge and this system is very good help, I have bought other dialogues in the store and I was not able to integrate them. But this one worked great, could modify it perfectly except a small problem.

    I have created a spritefont, but I have problems with spacing. I have located the event that modifies the spacing, but I do not understand it.

    I need, if someone is so kind, to explain briefly how to modify this event or remove the custom spacing and do it myself in the .png.

    Thank you very much, I would greatly appreciate an answer.

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  • Hi bbenny93

    Thank you for this amazing work. This is really useful.

    I might have a dumb question but I ended up with a weird behaviour when I wanted to have a newline within the same Text id.

    For Example, within my XML (based on your template):

    <TextLine id='1' id_next='2' avatar_animation='default'>

    I'm the General Mc GALLAGAN.[pause]

    The headquarter told me that you are the best pilot of the army. </TextLine>

    When I launch the proto, the "The" at the start of the new sentence is displayed alone on a new line and the rest of the sentence is displayed on a new line instead of following "The".

    I don't undestand why it happens so, I tried several approaches such as added </n> </br> &#xA;

    none of them worked and still have this strange behaviour???

    If anyone can tell me if it is possible to do newline in the same text id, I would appreciate,


  • dirttdiver


    Sorry guys I haven't been around a lot lately, do you still need help now?

  • Hi bbenny93

    Are you still around ?

    I was wondering, I was looking for a way to turn your amazing dialog system into a engine to power a Lifeline type game (https://www.bigfishgames.com/daily/3mingames/lifeline/) i.e. :

    • mobile and touch friendly
    • scrolling text
    • dialog displaying like on a chat system
    • automatic display for 1 to 5 buttons for player choices
    • ability (like your system is offering now) to trigger functions.

    Any idea on how to do this ?

    You did amazing job so far.


  • Laurent

    I'm somewhat around haha. I don't have much time to think about this right now, but I'll check out a lifeline game when I can and get back to you

  • bbenny93 Thank you, Sir !

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