Exoder - Devlog - LAUNCH PARTY YAAY!

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  • Exoder's Steam Page is now open! Huzzah!!



    ... anyway


    Exoder needs some able bodied late stage bug testers to run through the game, spot any bugs, issues etc. and give some general feedback before release.

    All you have to do is write a brief report and submit it and you'll be granted the oh so prestigious honour of having your name in Exoder's credit sequence.

    If you volunteer you'll be given a steam key which grants you early access to the game.

    You get a free game. What more do you want from me!

    This is time sensitive so don't hesitate, if you do you might have to add not getting into Exoder's credits onto your long list of life regrets.  

    PM me or email me at feverdreamgameworks@gmail.com if you are interested.

    Q If I don't beat the game or I'm not very good at it, will my input really matter?

    A Yes. Even if you can't beat the game it's very useful to get as many hands and eyes on the game as possible to weed out any lingering issues and bugs. You don't need to be any kind of an expert.

    Q But Brookesy, I've never bug tested before, I don't know what I'm doing.

    A Neither do I!

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Try the PLAYABLE DEMO on Itch.io


    Or download it on Indiedb

    http://www.indiedb.com/games/exoder/dow ... alpha-demo

    Or play it in your browser in the Scirra Arcade

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/action-ga ... demo-21176

    Exoder is a frantic, fast-paced, challenging 2D platformer.

    Pretty simple concept (and a departure from my last game which was a bit too obtuse for its own good) but with a few twists that keep things fresh and (hopefully) fun.

    Exoder's central idea is to capture the haste and fervour you feel at the very end of Metroid when you are attempting to escape Zebes only stretched out through an entire game (and with a lot more variety and obstacles).

    The game is broken up in to two stage types.

    The first type is a vertical climb where the player jumps, climbs, avoids and deflects enemies and obstacles while a constantly rising, instant death enemy follows behind you.

    The second type has the player push through horizontal, auto-scrolling sections.

    Each level will culminate in a boss fight. In total there will be seven levels. 4 Vertical and 3 horizontal.

    First boss fight, the three boxes

    The plan is to make the transition between the levels seamless, no score screen or story gunk or anything, just constant, non stop action.

    First boss design

    The goal is to make an action game that technically doesn't actually involve any explicit combat. Your attack is less of an attack and more of a shield which you use to stop projectiles, but most of the enemies and obstacles themselves can't be destroyed, merely bounced off of.

    All of these gifs are from the initial prototype of the first level. Currently the first level can be played from start to finish, though admittedly it is extremely difficult in its current state.

    Shield power-up

    The number one design problem at the moment is figuring out how to maintain a sense of frantic, satisfying mayhem without making it near impossible to beat, and without constant checkpoints.

    Powerups are also a big part of the game but more on that later.

    I'm panning on releasing a demo of the first level for feedback when it's all done so stay tuned for that!

  • A smattering of enemy gifs

    And a gif of the most recent build.

  • SWEET!

    Looks like a faster-paced Kid Icarus.

    Is it a Metroidvania?

  • MPPlantOfficial Definitely NOT a Metroidvania. My last game was a Metroid-like and it's a relief to work on something really straight forward and linear.

    Kid Icarus is actually a really apt comparison, minus the shops and the dungeon levels.

  • Kid Icarus is actually a really apt comparison, minus the shops and the dungeon levels.

    I see. Did you put an small fisheye filter on the screen? Because I can see the walls rounding slightly. or is that just an illusion?

  • Here's some details on a few of the power ups in the game.

    The vessel which carries the power ups appears randomly from either above or beneath the player and has a random wave movement which makes it hard to predict its exact trajectory. Getting a power up is also one of the few ways to get back a peg of health. Power ups also have a limited use time so if you don't use it, you lose it.

    Double Jump

    Pretty straight forward buff which allows the player to jump twice.


    Slows the speed of the game to about half speed for a brief time. Gives you a chance to take a breath.


    Slow the speed of your fall.


    Create a barrier around Exoder for a brief time. Destroys/deflects projectiles.

    Health Boost

    This power up is a bit different. It isn't spawned by the typical item vessel but instead a few of the them are hidden inside each level. This power up both completely regenerates the player's health and doubles the max health of the player.

    Bonus gif of the first boss.

    MPPlantOfficial Good eye. There's a very slight Bulge effect in place. Like real small, the scale is set to 2.

  • And some more power ups, also, UI!

    Decoy power up creates a doppelganger which can be utilized as a shield or to fool turrets and other seeking enemies.

    Evasion, makes you invincible for a short period (very short period).

    Giga-Blast, clears the screen of projectiles, most of them. Some projectiles are immune.

    Orb Shot, makes Exoder's Orb deflector fire a projectile.

    Wave Smash, fires projectiles from Exoder's ground smash.

    WIP Title screen

  • Great style, looking forward to this!

    Keep it up!

  • This is really coming along nicely, the style is coming in to it's own, with the enhanced graphics and neon lights color palette.

  • Hear's a clearer shot of the HUD

    Starting from the left and going down, here's what each section represents.

    The top is Exoder's health (obviously). In this shot you can see she has nine health, after each row of three are depleted they can't be replenished unless you find a health booster.

    The square just below that is a proximity alarm. The closer the writhing mass rising toward you the more opaque the image in the square becomes. In this screen nothing is visible because it's quite far away. Here's an illustration in gif form.

    Touching this mass is Game Over.

    Below that is the Boss health, omnipresent like in Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

    Beneath that is the number of "attacks"(deflector) Exoder has left. Use of your deflector is limited. Each use uses up a "bullet", however if you strike an enemy or projectile the bullets completely replenish. If you use them all up without hitting anything you will be unable to use the deflector until a short cool down period is up and replenishes your uses.

    Below that is your current power-up, empty in this screen.

    On the left is your score. the left most number is the score, the right is the multiplier. More on how scoring works in a later post.

    Bonus gif

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  • Heya, i can swear i saw this game's pictures somewhere on the net - is it already on sale on any platform?

  • NoSoul8 Nope, not available anywhere because it's quite far from done : p

    However I do intend to release a demo soonish to let people give the first level a whirl.

  • The Exoder playable DEMO is now available on Itch.io


    Let me know what you think.

  • A couple of relatively unexciting gifs from the WIP of the second level.

    Also you can now download the Exoder Demo on IndieDB

    http://www.indiedb.com/games/exoder/dow ... alpha-demo

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