Endoro's Quest (WIP / Dev Log)

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It's a very interesting and hard quest. It so hard that there is not way to win!
  • Endoro's Quest is a zero-budget hobby project made by me in my spare time using C2. The game draws inspiration from text based games such as Gemstone IV and classic NES and SNES style games such as Zelda 2 and Castlevania. I have been working on the project for about 3 years and I estimate another 1-2 years of work before public release.

    This is a pre-alpha teaser trailer. It contains some place holder assets and may not be an accurate representation of the final version.

    The trailer was made using C2, exported as nw.js and recorded directly from the screen with no additional post editing outside of C2.


    PS - I'm currently looking for a pixel artist to collaborate with me on the project. I need some enemy and npc placeholder sprites redrawn. If you're interested in helping out with the project please let me know.

  • Looks amazing!

  • Thank you.

    I've been taking a bit of a break for the holidays since my son is home from school. I should be back at it soon and maybe I'll start posting more updates here.

  • Alrighty, looking forward to trying a early release

  • Cool trailer!

  • Thank you. Just finished up taking a short holiday break. Today I completed work on one of the 9 towns currently in the game, Tundra Outpost, home of The Frosty Tintinnabulum Trading Post! Next I'll be working on the 5th dungeon. This one is going to be water based and focused on puzzle solving.

  • Aha, water based temple and puzzle solving? Makes me think of Zelda water temples! In case you need inspiration, "Boss Keys" is this really good Youtube series that analyzes the designs of dungeons in different Zelda games.

  • AlceX Yes, the original Zelda games are an influence for Endoro's Quest as they were favorites from my childhood. I'll take a look at the youtube videos, they sound interesting. Thanks.

  • I've been working on getting the positioned audio set up. It's a pain but it's starting to sound good. It would be nice if we could add more then one audio object so we could set different default settings for each. As it stands I'm having to change them via events which is tedious (unless I'm doing something wrong, which is quite possible).

  • Oh cool, never have tried out positioned audio so I'm looking forward to hearing it.

  • I thought it might be fun to share some development progression pics for Endoro's Quest. If you like this idea let me know and I'll see about putting together some more progression pics of other aspects of the game.

    Today I will share some progression shots for the Endoro's Quest title screen.

    Inspiration for it was taken from the title screen from Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link:

    Rough draft sketch of my idea for the title screen:

    First draft. I like it but it didn't quite match the style of the game.

    Title screen I'm currently using:

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  • Progress pics like this are always awesome, please keep on doing them! Definitely like the clean colors and look of the current title screen.

  • It really makes one want to play it!! Since I'm not familiar with bigger projects, I need to ask these questions: Does your canvas has got a limit? When I read something about 9 towns and a water based temple, I wonder if your world has any limitations! And also I wonder with which program you get to design everything. This pixel style is probably not done with windows paint .

    By the way, are your children allowed to test the game? Must be cool to have their opinion!

  • Maschka Thank you for your comments. All the levels, including the entire overworld, dungeons, towns, caves, special battle areas etc are on their own layouts and since I use tilemaps for almost everything I can make the levels big without using up too much resources.

    I do most of the design in Gimp and Tiled.

    My children are a little young to play test the game, but they love watching me work on it.

  • I've upldaded a new video featuring the games title screen. Included is a short synopsis of the games story as well as a sneak peak of one of the games magnificent original sound tracks!

    Watch the video!

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