Endoro's Quest (WIP / Dev Log)

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It's a very interesting and hard quest. It so hard that there is not way to win!
  • I decided to post another design progression pic. This on shows the progression of the hero character of Endoro's Quest. As you can see it's been through a bunch of changes from the rough draft to the current design, and likely will see a couple more before the game is finalized.

  • The characters in Endoro's Quest have a rich backstory. I wanted to share an example. I hope you enjoy!

    Endoro speaking to the council at Daonir Hall:

    "Before I married Celisa, I used to spend a lot of time at Kaika's temple, outside the Western Landing. I wouldn't call myself a worshiper of Kaika, but I am a follower, of that there is no doubt. I visited there for guidance when I sought to bond with Justice, my trusty broadsword. I even had the opportunity to wrestle with Kaika once, but that is another story for another time.

    Many an evening would be spent in meditation on Kaika's teachings. I would find myself sitting outside the temple pondering the meaning of Kaika's tenets engraved on the talismans surrounding it. There were 8 of them. Hope, Friendship, Despair, Strength, Valor, Faith, Honor and Defeat.

    Recently, while Celisa was away working on gathering ingredients for a potion she was creating, I had a chance to visit the temple again. It had been a while since my last visit, for no other reason then that life had started to become busy. Between training and everything going on with the undead, I suppose that is almost to be expected.

    While there, I once again sat down before the talismans. Two of them struck me in a slightly different manner then they ever had before. Perhaps it was because we had recently celebrated the day of my fathers birth. As I was meditating on them, it occurred to me that my father had bestowed in me the values of both honor and of defeat. Perhaps that is, in part, the legacy he left for me, and for Valasia.

    When I was young, my father would continually speak of honor and its importance in our lives, especially as warriors. I knew what the word meant, but I didn't truly understand it in my heart until I had matured.

    Every evening while training he used to tell me, "Endoro, without honor a warrior is nothing." quickly followed up with, "Honor defines us, Endoro. It guides our paths through the highs and lows of this life until the day we set down our swords and join the warriors who have passed on to the next life". In time, fate and experience made certain his words were engraved fully upon my heart. I know now that one can not be a true warrior without honor, no matter their skill on the battlefield. If there's one thing that my father taught me in life, it was honor.

    But until my most recent visit to Kaika's temple, I hadn't realized that my father had also taught me about the value of defeat, and the strength that can be gained from it.

    As a warrior, I don't tend to share my deepest emotions, at least not publicly, so bear with me.

    I was still just a young man when the Second Krillian army attacked. I knew war was afoot, but I wasn't prepared for the tactics they would use. Nor was my father. When he saw how bad the battle was going for the town, he sent me away for my own safety. I didn't want to go, but he told me I would be a better defender of the Landing after my training is complete. Looking back, I believe that was his way of saying that everything was going to be ok.

    It wasn't long after I had safely escaped the town walls that my father joined the resistance on the front lines. From what I've been told, he and the small band of resistance fought valiantly. Despite their efforts, the town was quickly over taken. My father was put in some kind of trance. Some say possessed. He was drug off against his will by a Krillian warlord, completely unable to resist, and tortured.

    They weren't torturing him for information, just for the sake of torturing a leader of the resistance. After a matter of hours, his body was broken. His spirit was no longer his own. He died a death that even Seliah herself could not bring him back from. His mangled body would later be found washed up upon the shores of Locksford Bay.

    Eventually reinforcements arrived, the tide turned, and the Western Landing was taken back. When I received the news I brokered the first escort back that I could afford. Upon my return, the Landing was in ruins. Buildings had been burned to the ground. Friends and their families had been killed. And I received the news that my father was lost in battle. I was upset, angry, hell, I was livid. But he was a warrior. To die in battle defending what he believed in was not a defeat, as far as he was concerned. It took me a long time before I began to understand that. And I realized that through his death my father was able to teach me another lesson. That of defeat.

    Today I wear a talisman taken from a fallen Krillian to remind me always of that day. I tap into the emotions that are trudged up each time I invoke my berserking skills in battle. Because of my fathers death, I'm able to better understand love, dedication and the importance of family. I believe that my marriage with Celisa is stronger because of the lessons learned, and if someday I am blessed with a child, I can only hope that I will be able to pass on a legacy to them the same as my father did for me."

  • Introducing the first draft of the concept art for one of the major enemy types in Endoro's Quest. The bandit!

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  • I thought that Valentine's day would be the prefect time to share this short story. Enjoy!


    The time had come for Endoro to give Celisa a lesson in combat. The place stunk, and dirt and grime covered the walls. As they wandered deeper into the catacombs and approached the giant rats, it was quite obvious to him that he was looking forward to this much more then she. He gave her a nod, as if to tell her it was time. As Celisa drew her newly polished sword from her sheath, the light from his torch reflected off it like a strong burning flame, blinding him momentarily.

    In that second, somehow everything became blurry, yet very clear at the same time. Her brown hair seemed to have a new found glow to it, in fact everything about her seemed to have a bright aura. Her face, her smile, her very being. Perhaps, he thought, that he simply hadn't noticed her radiance before. She stood boldly before him, sword in hand, in the fighting stance of someone with much more training then she ever had. Her muscles looked firm and tone, as if she had been training for quite some time. Confidence oozed from her as she stood by his side preparing for battle. This couldn't be the young healer who he had meet just weeks before. Yet there she stood before him.

    The light swirled around them for an instant, or at least it seemed to. Endoro didn't understand, but he continued watching her, wondering. Her beauty was abounding, yet she seemed more mature somehow. As he gazed upon her he was perplexed. "Did I get hit in the head!", he thought to himself as he noticed she was no longer wearing her normal hunting garb which he had come to know. Rather, she was adorn in a beautiful long flowing white gown. A short train gracefully followed her every move. A veil, though quite sheer and transparent, now covered her head. Suddenly the aroma of fresh flowers filled the air and as Celisa turned towards him, he saw the bouquet in her hands. Rose petals colored the grass under her feet. She was beaming at him. He had never seen her so happy.

    In the next instant her gown was replaced with a blue skirt and intricate bodice. Her blue wool greatcloak bursting at the seems with potions and trinkets. An etched runestaff leaned against the wall in a far corner. Still as beautiful as ever, she beckoned him to come near. She reached out her hands and took him into a loving embrace. As they held one another, he noticed the sparkle of a wedding ring on her finger, and to his amazement, a matching ring on his own.

    As the light swirled, she seemed happy, content. The morning air was warm and clean with a hint of homemade soap. He noticed her bare feet first. Upon glancing up he saw her smiling at him from across the room, wearing only a fluffy white cotton towel. He could feel his skin turning bright red as he quickly turned away and blushed. Watching her out of the corner of his eye as she dried her hair in the sun by the window of the cabin.

    She was sitting now, in a soft rocking chair. The fire brought a warmth to the cold winters night. Endoro was amazed as he looked around in wonder, and at her in awe. There was no contest, she was still the most beautiful woman Endoro had ever laid eyes upon. As Celisa brushed the little girls long blonde hair, she turned around and said "I love you, Mommy". Celisa responded with an "I love you too, sweetheart".

    In that same moment a voice from above rang out to him. Though still not clear if it was the voice of Kaika or perhaps Seliah, the message from above was quite clear to him. "Yes, Endoro, she is the one."

    Suddenly he was once again standing before the young woman. He noticed her stareing into the reflection in her sword as if distracted by it when a rat scampered up to her and bit at her foot. As she let out a scream and kicked it away he simply smiled inside, knowing that everything would be ok and the future would no doubt be bright.

  • Is anyone interested in more backstory, short stories etc or should I just stick to game images, videos, updates etc?

  • I think I finally have my last music track finished! I have some post production work to do on them but for the most part, they are complete!

  • Love the concept! Good job!

    Did you use any 3rd part plugin for the colored sentences or is there a way to do it with the normal text object?

    Also, out of curiosity, did you use an external XML for the text, in order to have cleaner events?

  • Thank you. I use a couple of rex's text plugins to get the test to work properly and look the way it does. I import json files to arrays for the text, no external xml.

  • Thanks for your quick reply!

    This is really helpful I will take a look at the plugins and see which one suits my game.

    Hmm I will have to see the pros and cons of using JSON over XML.

    Good luck with your game, wish you the best!

  • XML may be the better choice, I simply don't know how to use it properly.

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