The Empire Quests

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  • The Empire Quests

    is a strategic 'board game' with elements of RPG, Tower-Defense and Adventure games. It is a singleplayer offline game.

    There are only a few rules but many ways to solve a level/quest.


    On the game board there is (at least) the King and a castle or tower from start.

    Your goal (of each quest) is to save the King and solve the quest (e.g. eliminate the dragon, kill the red fraction (within 300 days), get the Artenstone from Mori, clean the Spiders Nest, find the lost wizzard...

    You have resources and you can hire workes and soldiers of different types (farmer, lumberjack, miner, .... and different types of soldiers).

    Each worker/soldier can be placed (and moved) to a destination within your terretory.

    And you can expand your terretory with castles, towers and poles.

    Expand your empire, gain food, wood, rock, iron and gold to keep your empire alive.

    Each level defines a szenario of enemies (opponents, skeletons, wulfs, monster, ...) and they interact with you - say: they try to kill your King and destruct your empire - all with an unique AI.

    Only with a good strategy you will be able to solve the quest before you get eliminated.

    A quest contains a unique main level and sublevels (caves, ...) with the needed resources.

    Each worker/soldier has its own attributes (health, power, range, price, food).

    Soldiers can be combined to powerful groups to defeat strong enemies.

    a small preview:

    Artists with a unique style idea welcome!

    I'm not shure if the artwork is final as is - so any interrested artists please contact me for a paid job (full game ) eventually.

    The game is ready to play (in an early state) but there is - as always - a lot to do.

    So please drop a post and tell me your opinion/ideas/critics...

    yours mercuryus

  • Looks awesome! need any Sound Design/Music?

  • Looks awesome! need any Sound Design/Music?

    A good sound and music design is worth a lot!

    Please give me some time.

    If the graphic concept is fix it's more easy to start with a matching audio part.

    Have you already examples of your sounds/music to get an impression of your work?

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  • Good luck, it seems nice!

  • This certainly looks like a nice concept. I hope you get a good visual artist since that will be a crucial factor in how the game breaks through. Mind sharing some game-play features in pictures with descriptions?

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