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  • Well, it's up( n . n )!

    My take on a space game I would like to play( ^ . ^ )

    I'll be using this thread to post updates.

    Game has not been improved for performance and may be out of balance on some areas.

    Once you get to know the game it will not take you to long to guess where gameplay can be (and will be) expanded on.


  • Just over a week has past and amidst other things I've decided to a weekly Monday Devlog schedule.

    In the meanwhile work has continued mostly polishing the demo concept.

    Light gameplay mechanics have been implemented and Silo's game-infrastructure has been scaled up.

    For now I'll continue finalizing the infrastructure which allows for expansion of the game.

    Until next time.

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  • There's a misplaced object currently blocking the train when you board at Silo Zone 3 train station. This has been fixed, however I will not be uploading the next update until coming Monday as it contains some more of Silo's gameplay, but is still in the works.

    Until then avoid any commuting(^.^)

  • Unfortunately there will be no update today to the demo concept. Nothing big really, I just went ahead with one of the more expansive elements of gameplay: which has put the game back in a surgical state. As times are quiet I decided to give the update another week. Until Monday the 6th of April(^.^)

  • Once again there will be no update of the demo concept. The past week I've been making headway, but the game remains in a surgical state. Once I get the demo packaged I'll post a notice.

  • Once again there will be no update to the demo concept.

    That said, I've been making headway with the 2020 version and tend to continue on with the various gameplay mechanics.

    Furthermore I've posted some pictures of the different versions of Silo.

    Now I'm heading towards wrapping all things up like a native-american chicken'veg roll and apply the remaining spices, before deepfrying it.

    I originally wanted to post the devlog on my website, but all that has ran into some obstructions.

    Nonetheless hopefully this post can keep some people interested and busy.

    Silo: let's take it from the top.

    This image here show the progress and changes Silo's been through since 2014.

    Currently I've done away with the three currencies and stuck to cash.

    Silo 2014 - First mock-up. View: Silo Central.

    Silo 2015 - Second tile-based mock-up was also meant to run on you tablet. View: Silo Central.

    Silo 2017 - Third (of so many.) concept. The game was looking better and for years to come I would get into it with the traffic-system. Which brought me to grief many times. View: Industrial Zone, where I worked on getting zones supplied, in this case by train.

    Silo 2018 - I wanted to know if Construct 2 could my game. No problems so far, with all 8 factions up and running. View: Silo Central.

    Silo 2018 - The loadout screen how it looks when fully implemented. You'll notice that the current loadout screen is bigger as you're meant mix and match vehicle parts to amend your unit to your taste.

    Silo 2018 - Rental service as you would need access to units that you would not be able to afford. I'm not sure whether this will make a return in the 2020 edition.

    Silo 2018 - The old cargo mechanics that separated munitions from assets, construction materials and specialties and three currencies. *People, don't do this to yourself.*

    Also on the right the upgrades window for your unit. Dual-cannon, extra armor, front facing guns, motor upgrades etc.

    This model became tedious however. Once you bought or recruited a unit / resident of Silo you would have to go through upgrades for each single unit. Come 2020 there is some base building involved which takes away this overhead.

    Silo 2020 - Now that I've got everything working together I'm busy wrapping it. Missions have been added. Maps are way smaller, but that allows the engine to tackle fewer but much more complex events which allows for deeper gameplay.

    There is something to do now. And the shop and cargo mechanics don't give me a headache anymore.

    The train now has a use. Base building gives the player a central point to focus on. Furthermore I'm flushing out the air-arena. Recruited / bought unit also have a cargo window as in the original. I want to make a few thing useful rather than a large empty open world environment.

    Hopefully you've enjoyed this devlog(^.^)

    Until next time.

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