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  • I named the game Coffee Wars however It's a temporary name.

    This game is a "zombie horde survival game" with a few twists.

    First your mission is to serve coffee.

    Your second mission is to mantain and upgrade your shop.

    Your goal is to basically survive the day by serving "dead reviving coffee"to the hordes of coffee starved zombies that will hit your shot (literally)

    Good luck.

    Mechanics -

    Spawn points, drop points and increasing difficulties.

    I'm considering making it harder by changing the coffee flavors some zombies want and so on.

    I'll be using my old Chocolate Hearts Eating day concept as a basis:

    However this is a non moving game. Just stand there and survive sort of thing. I'll be making some upgrades, power ups and special items apear here and then.

    This is a raw concept of basic gameplay which I'll be updating soon.

    This is my first attempt at using tiled backgrounds I feel more confortable making more illustrated backgrounds but It's a test project I hope it works out.

    Any suggestions are more than welcome.

    I'll be implementing an interface for the brews under the main screen (that's why it looks wide I cropped out the empty space) maybe implement a queue system for the brews to make them more "natural" and the "server" making the coffee will have to be upgraded on his/her basic skills ... speed, constitution or something like that... i want it to feel complex w/o loosing the basis of the game and having some level of customization for the player other than upgrading the shop trough its various paces. For that purpose I'm writing down all this stuff and making the mechanics first then working on the actual graphics.

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  • Quick update - I'm working on an interface that should look a bit like a coffee machine. Come to think of it I might consider modifying the whole thing and üpgrading"it along with the shop upgrades system I want to set up for the game.

    Also Need to work on a queue system for it ... something similar to the rts unit queues

    Here's a quick look. Any comments are welcome.

  • coffee! yeah, nice one, another coffee's what i need!

    you could hav several slowly autorefilling ingredients, such as milk, sugar, cream, etc. so youll need milk for a latte, cream (or foam) for the capuccino... she-zombies would ask obvioulsy for sweetener...


    be the death of me...

  • thanx.... I do have something like that in mind I'm sticking with Grain, Water, Milk, Special and Time as a cost for every drink. Which keeps things simple for me and also helps me raise difficulty by increasing numbers... those will be set on start of level and decrease on use and increase or rather Refill over time maybe,,

  • -Update-

    Added some animations to the game so I can start playing around with the animation swapping mechanics. I still need to work out a few kinks.

    Z-animation- walking basic

    Sample "wakeup and walk back"

    So far so good. As soon as I've got cooler things working I'll post them up here.

  • Some animation updates - They are running much faster here than they will in the game tho.

    Test Attack

    Woken up Guy with his coffee and some test shading.

    Girl Zombie

    Woken up girl with her fru fru coffee on hand taking an ocasional sip.

    sman118 hey mon give it a look and tell me what ye think so far.

  • I havn't had much time for this lateley but here's a little update :

    Update: Here I'm testing the progress bar and a "production timer" that will disable the button wait 'til the "production time is done"Update the status bar and then "shoot" the item.... phew... now if i didn't set it to 1 second it would be easier to check but I'm working on it.

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