Cyborg Ascension - Roguelike Action Platformer

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  • Hi everyone, I am Pablo from Studio Ukiyo. I would like to announce our first title "Cyborg Ascension"

    Cyborg Ascension is a Roguelike Action Platfomer for PC/MAC/Linux. In CA you play as Detective Yuudai Hashimoto, a man that is suffering from an unknown sickness that is tied to Komatsu Cybernetics. Players will enter and climb 50 randomly selected floors at Komatsu's Headquarters. Due to this unknown sickness, the player's health will be ticking down to their ultimate demise. They must collect dropped DNA strands to stay alive or choose to cash them in for upgrades after each floor. Speed is the key as you face multiples enemies, random boss floors, and a web of secrets to uncover your sickness.

    Key Features:

      - Over 250 designed floors that will be randomly selected and ordered before each playthrough.
      - Over 50 designed random weapon drops from Flamethrowers to Plasma Hammers and more.
      - Endless Mode - Where players will play random floors until death.
      - Boss Rush Mode - Where players take a shot at all 15 Bosses from the game.
      - Challenge Mode - Where players take on all designed levels in random order to completion.
      - Leaderboards, Achievements, and more...

    Some GIFs:

    Testing Animations

    Shield & Dashing

    Portal & Boss AI

    Background Testing

    Full Mockup for Zone 1

    Follow us on this post and at our site We are currently building the site to support a devlog for the game.


  • In the last two gifs, very beautiful Amiga style graphic.

    Thumb up!

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  • Really like the look of the last image, especially the player character. He looks like a cartoon version of Conrad Hart from FlashBack.

  • this looks awesome. seriously.

  • Sweet looks great!

  • Thanks so much guys. Ethan just looked at the reference I can definitely see it . More coming soon

  • Looks really nice & smooth

  • Testing some weapons!

  • We have been working on level design the past week for the first Zone. Things are starting to come together in that regard. We also started mocking up the Title Screen. You can see the mockup and progression below:

  • is it a tribute to the 80's movie blade runner?

  • Title screen is wow...

    I mean...

    W O W ...

  • Thanks folks! Yes this has strong inspiration from Blade Runner . There is also some from Kojima's Snatcher.

  • Looks ace mate

  • The game reminds of "Journey to Silius."

    Hope there would be a large variety of weapons as well.

  • We have a lot of weapons planned. Currently we are building in the first 15 that will also have variations of those weapons. More to follow!

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