Cyborg Ascension - Roguelike Action Platformer

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  • And I now give you our logo:

  • Hi all, new update here for Cyborg Ascension:

    So we are working hard right now trying to wrap up the first zone. We have been adding new elements, weapons, enemies, and effects to really bring things together. Over the next week or so we should be able to move on to the next zone.

    We started adding different level objects to support the theme of the zone but also the level design. Here is a basic forklift we are using as a moving platform:

    We wanted to make sure that the level has some real life so we started creating some background fx to support that. You can see in the gif our examples of lighting, flying cars, and animated mist. There is more work to be done in this area with the cars speed, positioning, lighting, etc:

    Example of another zone enemy, the drone:

    Moving deep into the game the level design is really going to crafted to support some interesting puzzles. Not only will navigation be a challenge but how the level objects will effect that navigation will come more in play. Here is a movable object we are working on for zone 1:

    Stay tuned, more to follow shortly!

  • That is looking really good so far!

  • Thanks so much roguecore!

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  • Sorry I can't reply to your PM until I get to 500 rep. I've got an idea that might help with the iso game; I'll put it together in a small capx and post it for you probably in a day or two.

  • amazing !! It's fantastic ! Very cool sci fi !

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