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  • Hello there,


    this is Cross, my current game project. Cross is a puzzle game with a simple gameplay: touch a tile to change its and its neighbors' colors.


    The goal is to leave just one red tile. For an extra challenge, you can try to change all board tiles to blue. Although it looks simple, it's deceitfully hard to fully clear the board.


    Cross is still under development. Sound effects and music will drastically change (i'm still experimenting on those), textures will be added and new stages will be created (C2 helps a lot in that aspect!), but the core gameplay is all there. I'll be figuring out some new gameplay variations as I go, but I'd like to do so based on feedback.

    I would like to invite you to play Cross. Don't forget to let me know your feelings towards it. Compliments are very welcome, but constructive critique is still the best fuel for improvement.

    Peter out!

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