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  • Hi all, first I would like to introduce myself. My name is Adrian Mariscal, I have 23 years, I'm from Spain and work as a baker. In my free time, I like some time to devote to computer. Many years ago I formed my own group of mobile application development along with other friends, but unfortunately we ended up separating.

    Well, the reason why I open this post is to present a project I'm doing alone in my spare time.

    This is "Crazy Valley". A game that in many ways we could remind blockbuster titles as Animal Crossing or Harvset Moon.

    The game's story focuses on a young man who travels by train to the big city but unfortunately not llegua to your destination, since the train has an accident on the way and is immobilized in a lost area of ??the hand of God.

    After the accident, the young man finds an old wagon with a mine that would reach "Crazy Valley", a village abandoned, mysterious and apareze not on any map of the world. To get there we will find its inhabitants, who beg us to be the new mayor of the town, as the former all abanono without a trace.

    The game also to force us to complete various missions give us the opportunity to decorate the town to our liking with various accessories to dress your character, farming, fishing ...

    Will be available in English and Spanish and for the moment only for Android.

    I hope you have interested the project, continue to report as soon as possible.

    A greeting!

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  • muy buena pinta, tiene. Suerte con ello!

  • Good looking screenshots! So, from the description I understood that this will be an adventure/"puzzle" game?

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