Collect Stars [playable demo on scirra arcade]

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  • Instead of uploanding an image or video, I decided to put a playable version of this first level.

    The name is "Collect Stars" because the objective of the game is collect 21 stars to win. Later I can change the name.

    I am using the charachter sprite that I used in my firts game "jumpin around".

    To do list:

    • pause button
    • draw the scenario
    • redraw the enemies sprites (it is too small)
    • draw another playable characters
    • do a hard mode (I have one idea now: the character walks automatically and you can stop or jump)
    • do another levels
    • bosses

    If you do not notice, the scenario is random generated.

    Give me some feedback/new ideas.

    Thanks <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    ***EDIT: this game was a start for my other game STOP or JUMP. as I made the CAPX for STOP or JUMP avaiable, I decided to delete the game "Collect Stars" from the scirra arcade. here is the link for STOP or JUMP

  • New version of the game:

    • I put a pause button, just press

      or touch/click the button.

    Now you can see how I did the game, I uploaded the CAPX file of this version that has 81 events.

  • nice start

  • now I see that in the next time, it is better to do all the graphics of the game before doing the mechanics of the game.

  • Nice, you've got all the working pieces in place now just to build challenging levels, draw art, music, and sound.

  • Nice, you've got all the working pieces in place now just to build challenging levels, draw art, music, and sound.

    if I did the draw art before the working pieces, it will be more easy.. now I will have to draw the level that fits on the width and height of the objects. if it does not fit, I will have to rewrite the code.

  • Looks great.

    Add sound pls.

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  • uploaded new version of the game with a hard mode.. is it really hard? to play the hard mode, you have to win one time.

    now it has some sounds and a mute button.

  • Nice game!

  • In the next update, version, I will draw some graphics. I made some sketchs here in a paper, I think it will be good.

    in version, the number of events will be more than a hundred. It will be a problem to people that use the free version of Construct 2 to use the capx.

    arcab072081 thanks!

  • I have to start working on this game again..

    just the hard mode, I think it will be cool to play the hard mode on mobile devices - touch the left part of the screen to stop and the right to jump.

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