[Challenge to Develop] a Google Play Game Services plugin

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  • I've been looking all over the place and I'm pretty much sure that although there's tons of "asking for it" there is no visible evidence of a Google Play Game Services integration being done. (other than clay.io which I'm not very pleased with to begin with... )

    I did find that the Unity community has a Game Services Plugin around which is available at the previous link for reference. I'd like to see if any plugin-making-geniuses out there can take a look there and see if they can make an adaptation for our beloved Construct 2.

    Just a thought and I hope some people agree that this is an important and Challenging task that someone with the Mad SkillZ could take on and conquer in a rather reasonable amount of time.

    I hope Ashley agrees

  • Somewhere if I am not mistaken, there has been discussion for Google Services being added in the future. If this is true, I think it was Ashley that was discussing this topic.

  • I too have been wanting and needing this option to be available on C2, I have had 200+ downloads on my game on Google play store, but over half have deleted it cause they can't post there score or get there achievements. I will not use clay.io cause its wants every person to sign up for there services which made no one happy so I have disbanded that Idea, I can't ask everyone to sign up for a service they have never heard of. I really need Google Game Services there's just no doubt about it.

  • Hi there GameThirsty

    It's true there have been several discussions some friendly some a bit less friendly. Ashley and ludei have both been part in such which is good to see them taking it into account but the idea of this topic is to see if any of the other plugin developers could tackle the challenge. After all if someone has done similar plugins for unity and has provided the basis it should be a bit less rocky to attempt to get a C2 version up and running.

    At the moment I'm on the finishing touches of a game for the company I'm working on and If I don't see much in terms of movement I may be forced to take arms and get back into coding in hopes of making the plugin myself however I'm certain there's far more capable people out there in this battlefield.... ok I went on the metaphor mode again time to get back to work.

  • bremen yeah about clay.io... I like the "plug and play approach"they have I don't like the windows they make they are hideous although I saw it as a "holy grail having everything"the fact is It didn't work when I needed it and it kept giving me weird errors. I think it has potential I'm not sure it's quite there yet. I didn't liek the idea of their pop up messing up my game or asking my players to register with them. I'd like to keep it simple... single sign on... automatic if possible .. post to your leader board , get your achievements purchase on the store like evey other game I'm playing on my cell... no fuzz... but one can only hope

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  • In the settings of clay.io, you can disable the login menu. You can also use guest accounts for the leaderboards.

  • yogert96

    Thank you for your reply:

    True you can and you can do many other things with clay.io too as I said it has a lot of potential... however, the point still is, making a Google Play Game Services (clean) plugin for C2 not using someone else's service.

  • I realize I've been ramming my head against a wall with this and am probably going the wrong way about it.

    I'm curious if making this plugin based on the browser plugin would be any good as an option...

    or if I can use the existing browser plugin to send the calls for the Google Stuff ( leaderboards, achievments and the such) which are just set as variable data in the game in the first place as they would only need to actually recieve the player information...

    I'd like your feedback on the viability of this Ashley if at all possible.

  • My brain is fried at the moment - working on two diferent games.

    I wonder if septeven could take a look at this idea and see if he can help.

    I took a look at your dropbox plugin real nifty stuff. I'm wondering if you could do a similar miracle with Google Play Services. if youre no't too swamped.

    I've been trying to do this but my skills are limited at the moment. (lack of coffee I guess)

  • I dońt know - I have to take a look.

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