Castle Defenders. RPG/Tower Defense game!

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  • Try to defend your castle's crystals from the hordes of enemy monsters seeking to destroy them!

    Summon towers to defeat monsters. Start the wave and continue to use your hero to defeat monsters too!

    This Version currently has 20 playable maps and 4 playable characters.

    Castle Defenders has leaderboards for highest hero levels and most enemies killed!

    There is also a tutorial so the game is now easier to learn to play.

    Castle Defenders is now on the Google Chrome store. You can download it here Castle Defenders

    Unfortunately, my game still hasn't been on the store long enough to be downloaded on any platform other than the Chrome OS so you'll need that to download.

    Try the game here and don't forget to give suggestions on how I can improve it!

    Castle Defenders

  • Update!

    I just released version 1.5; this update includes:

    • 4 new levels & 1 new challenge
    • Selling towers (press 5)
    • Upgrading towers (press 4)
    • Changed button to return to tavern to "t"

    Note: If the game runs funny or you can't access the updates, try running the game in incognito mode.

  • Castle Defenders now currently has 12 playable maps & 3 playable challenges!

  • Would be nice to have a minimap to have a global vision of the level

  • Thanks! I'll see if I can implement that into the next update.

  • Version 1.5b

    Just a small update implementing bbenny93 's idea of adding a minimap.

    Castle Defenders now includes a minimap on all current levels besides the tutorial!

  • Cool! Maybe you should put the positions of the ennemies on the minimap too? or at least the positions of your turrets.

    By the way, you should think of editing the link in your first post, now that you have over 500 rep thanks to the fanatic bug

  • I don't think I can put enemies on the minimap because there can be up to 500 enemies at once so I think that it would bog the game down too much. I'll try to add turrets and/or chests on the minimap later though.

  • Version 1.5c just released. This is just a small update fixing the minimap for "The Laboratory". It also updates the minimap to include chests!

  • Just bought a Construct license!! Gonna add a ton more to Castle Defenders now!

    In future updates I now hope to add:

    More Characters

    maybe an item/inventory system

    more enemies & towers

    Maybe bosses

  • Loving the game

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  • Thanks! If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the game, don't be afraid to tell me!

  • Version 1.6 Just Released! This Version includes -

    • The Final 4 Maps
    • The Final Challenge, an endless survival map!
    • Improved Menu that will allow me to create more characters next!
    • Menu allows starting a new game(This allows a reset to experience new features!)
  • Version 1.7 Just Released. This version includes a new character . . . the squire!

    The squire is a melee character with all new abilities and towers.

    Ability - spin around in circles and damage all enemies within the squires radius

    Towers - A harpoon turret shoots fast moving, piercing harpoons. The Catapult shoots slow catapult balls that deal splash damage, and the knife machine spits out piercing knifes that circle the tower piercing everyone near it.

    I'm going to try to add 2 more characters eventually. After that, I'm going to remove most features off the site and upload a paid version to the google chrome store.

  • Version 1.8 released

    Includes a new character, the summoner

    The summoner shoots two balls of energy for his primary attack.

    He releases a swarm of piercing dark magic for his ability

    He has a dark magic tower, a tesla tower, and a skull(it follows enemies and attacks them)

    I have the ranger option, but he's still not playable.

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