Castle Defenders. RPG/Tower Defense game!

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  • Just released version 1.8c

    This update fixed the defense units for the summoner's towers. It also balances his ability by making it more expensive. I also made the squire deal a little more damage. Finally, I increased the resolution to a 2:1 ratio(it was 4:3) so it fills more of the screen.

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  • Just released version 1.9!

    This version includes the 4th and final class, a ranger.

    The ranger uses explosive traps that expire after a few detonations so make sure you continue to upgrade!

    The ranger also has a target that detonates after being shot.

    The ranger has low health and mana, but high damage.

    This may be the last update I put on the arcade before submitting to the chrome store. After that, I will submit the "Demo" version to the scirra arcade, but if you want, you can always buy the full version!

    If you have any final suggestion or comments PLEASE share them on this forum or in the game's comments, thank you.

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