BunBunLand (was 6 months abandonment and....)

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  • My construct 2-ing has been hibernating for 6 months due to other stuff in life.

    I have been making new graphic for the last week now, and now I think I want to fix the bugs in my events.. But looking at the events make me go... what is this? haha. I have made it pretty organized but still confuses me. I have two versions, one without functions that works better, but lots of repeated blocks with code and long messy events, and one with functions, neater events but with bugs.

    The game is not simple, it depends on a chain of events... if I move something wrong, it will eff up for the other things. Not easy, not easy.

    But I also want to complete the game or at least make a working version. haha.

    Mod could move this to better forum.

  • I continued with graphics instead... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Here's a very early version of the game, if you want to try.. of course very early and very rough.


    To play: Click with mouse to choose level. Gamepad works best, but keyboard: arrow keys for movement and ctrl (plus movement) for grabbing. Esc to commit suicide, F5 to reload to choose another level.

    You do not have to report about graphic issues, because I know about them. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink"> Many of the graphics are either remnant from earlier graphic and/or just dummy, and I know the score should be other color. But if you find actual bug you can report - if you want. Bugs I know about: Straw tubes = very buggy in many ways. Enemy sometimes manage to survive the explosion. (I think this is from the new function event system) Sometimes BunBun get stuck in moving animation, this appears more often with keyboard than gamepad by some reason.

  • Reminds me of Pac-Man, interesting game!

  • I am so happy now! I have solved the tube bug! At least one of them. The one that let you enter the tube from the side and warps you to wrong location. It might have magically solved the other tube bugs as well, I have to test now.

    Took me 2 hours of debugging. As you can't add breakpoint on loops and triggers and you can't "run through every event" (pausing between every event) <-- I think so! I added lots of Browser Log entries with variable outputs and text on what's happening HERE.

    EDIT: It seems that the skipping of tween through tube still happens sometimes. Well. At least I know that!

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  • Why the window screen is small?

  • It is integer multiplier (letterbox integer scale). It is small if the next size is not big enough for your monitor. Maybe it could be that? Are you able to run 1024x683px? If not then it would get half down, to 512x341px

    If your resolution is higher than 1024x683 px then try to run the game in full screen browser. hit F11 (Firefox)

    I haven't decided which platform I am going to release this to, so I will adjust the final window size by then. I had the ipad in mind but I have also discovered it might not be ipad friendy game with the controls, it might be too hard a game to control with "onscreen joystick". I haven't came to that yet, I want to add game features and polish the game engine first.

    If it even come to that. With me you never know... HA! (no sound though because I am deaf so it is a tiny bit hard to even try to guess ;D)

  • Debugging of today did not work well.

    First trying to fix the issue of not respecting trigger upon animation's end, related to tubes. nope.

    Then trying to figure out the enemy escaping the explosion (even if it is "his" explosion), apparently the explosion+clearing events are too far down that the movement timing of 0.2 sec manage to move him to another space.

    Nope, it is not simple, it is grid based system, and everything are referenced from a grid array. It simply has to be like this so things moves orderly and simultaneous.

  • looks like a fun concept helena

  • I like it.. scaled fine on IE11... a little bit jerky when moving.... well done

  • Do EEEET! I got hooked! lol. pretty fun and challenging.

  • mudmask thanks! but really it is nothing new, it is a homage to BoulderDash originally but also to Supaplex. Superold and old game. Shows my age.

    rho, Jermfire thanks! I am happy you liked it.

    It is jerky, yes. Not perfect control yet. But it has been very much worse you should know.

  • I solved another one of the tube bugs (where the soft camera scroll tween won't hit in, in about 5-10% of the tube uses), I think it is all solved now for the tube action! (just graphics left)

    Not uploaded yet. I want to fix more things/add animations. I have removed the scissors because I wanted to use the graphics for another enemy with another behaviour. (undestructable) This one is going to be fire graphic instead and I will draw graphics for that. (wish me good luck to catch natural flow of fire) So right now it is just one static ugly orange scribbling level 2 year old artwork.

  • I attacked the enemy-dodging-the-icecream-drop bug with about 5 different approaches. I eventually figured it out, but it of course caused new bugs instead.. I think I have ironed them all out. New bug instead: the enemy explosion is not really happening exact where I want it to be. I think I have a few ideas on why it happens. Either bad "coding" (hopefully) or it is the new method. (hope not)

    not uploaded yet.

    not created any graphic either, got so hooked on the "coding" part instead.

  • The last couple days I have spent trying to draw animated fire enemy. I think I have made 5-6 different versions (most just being solid/outline stage) but never really happy with the result!

  • looking good to me so far! ...

    Question. Is the strawberry SUPPOSED to kill you when it lands on you or is that a bug?

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