BunBunLand (was 6 months abandonment and....)

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  • Jermfire

    Thank you for taking time to report bug.

    It is actually not a bug but intended. It adds to the challenge.

  • http://www.funnybunny.se/game/

    Been a while but meanwhile I have been drawing graphic for the tube (drinking straw) movements. almost 100 frames so it has been a little offputting sometimes. haha!

    I also added the new thing being explosive egg (seen in level 9)

    Some of the levels are there strictly for testing purposes. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Bug: Enemy will sometimes escape the explosion. This has been fixed in the "icecream/strawberry hits enemy" scenario, but I do not know how to solve it otherwise. So putting this aside for now.

    Todo: Do "tube-out" animations, different anim for different angles, and also try to revise a new method for following the tube tween. Right now it is just relying on the start position and end position and tween. But if the tube is drawn around the map and then end almost back at where it starts, it will not tween elegant.

    I have start and end position as array in the level data.

    I am not too keen to add curves too to the array. I would prefer for the game to figure out it itself at runtime.

    A new challenging level: level 10! This really make you need use the "grab" button.

  • I think I am going to pull out my hair!

    Chain exploding egg and the new tubesystem. Worked beautifully.. then some days later.

    cluttered with bugs and unexpected behavior.

    I am at wits end, the events looks fine for the tube system but ... nope. I start to wonder if it is the version 195?!

    The whole thing feel sluggish, Construct2 is also sluggish....

    I wonder if I should revert back to 194.2 and compare!

  • http://www.funnybunny.se/game/bunbun/

    As example the tubes in levels8 and T1 works nicely.

    But in Level 12 you get stuck.

    The chain explosion egg in T1 and level 10 works nicely (however level 10 could be problematic) . But in level 11 - nope. <- I haven't looked at code to be honest.

    Damn now as I check level 10 again the ice cream hitting the eggs the eggs wont explode..


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  • Fixed the tube problem. It is really funny because normally it works already before and should be working. But well, now redundancy is added and now tubeing works. I think, hope. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">


    (do not forget to hit F5/reload after loading)

    Now over to the chain egg!

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