Boxtory|2D Platformer [DevLog]

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  • NN81 Yeah youre right. At the moment im also not verry happy about this version. But what do you mean with cel shaded light? I decided to leave out the old Tv filter from tge prototype. But what do you think about the light general? I will send you a gif soon.

    Thank you


    i mean that for lighted-area is better use something not antialiased, someghing pixelated or celshaded to preserve "toon style" of the game

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  • UPDATE #2:

    Hello guys,

    here are a few new informations about the game:

    - we now have a website with a Emailnewsletter. Subscribe for special news as fast as possible.

    - there are new mechanics: You place boxes with holding left click. Bigger or more important boxes take longer than just a normal wood box (screenshoot next time)

    - you can switch between 3 diffrent modes while playing: more moving speed, more plcaing speed, live regenerating

    - i included the animations into the game with the collision boxes and many (really many) imagepoints

    IF you want more detailed news subscribe the newsletter.

    Thank you a lot

    Your Stonepunsh Studio Team

    A Screenshoot (the light looks just cause of the gif recorder like this...)

    Well done, I recommend using only the torch light. Two lights are too many

  • :( Today is maybe the saddest day for the game, but we all know:

    Where something ends, something new begins.

    I think you all know what that should mean. The development of Boxtory is now stopped and probably it will never get finished. It would be to much work to bring a first stable version of the game. The time with the game was a incredeble experience for me. I learned a lot not just about making games. I learned a lot about game feeling and so on, too. The thing i enjoyed most is the community aspect behind making a game. I know this game had maybe 3 guys really followed it. But guys like them are so important for making a game. So thank you a lot for investing the time. I know especially for you NN81 its really not cool that i stop making this game because you invested a lot of time into this. But believe me, im even more sad.

    If you are interested in the new game idea or the studio, you can follow our newsletter:

    I´m glad about every opinion and kind words but also critic. And dont forget guys: Making games is not a hobby, its a passion.

    Thank you


    hey nevermind, what happened to you is very normal on game developers, especially for those who are starting out, experimenting with styles, genres, developing tools ecc.

    it happens to us all but as you said yourself, you have done so much experience and something new will start, then it takes advantage of the experience and go on like this ^^

    good luck

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