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  • Booster Z-Frame is a Single player Top-Down Hyperspace jumping Space Shooter with a Randomly Generated Adventure

    You will be piloting a modular ship, which you can adapt to your playstyle or to the environment using various artifacts, addons or upgrades you can obtain or buy in shops. Just trying to get back to your homeworld after your support frigate was destroyed.

    Following each Hyperspace jump, you'll have to explore the space around you to gather resources. There will be many dangers out there in the forms of black holes, pulsars, stars, nebulas and of course the fleet that's chasing you. The good thing is, your space fighter is quite capable to defending itself and even take the fight to the enemy. However, always keep in mind, you're just one ship out there in a world that is mostly out to destroy you, with a few neutral or friendly exceptions...

    Full Game Description on the website

    Trello, live development tracking:

    Latest Playable Alpha for fun and feedback purposes

    Play the latest Alpha

    • public Alpha Build 54 (2015-Jan-08)

    Alpha Build 54 screenshots

    Alpha Build 52 screenshots

    Older Alpha Build 38 techdemo video:

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    - Streamed live on Dec 8, 2014

  • Looks cool

  • Looks cool


  • Alpha 52!

    With Alpha Build 51 being quite boring to play, I hope this new build with a better spawn system and some small things added is at least nicer to play. Have a look at the new alpha on this here link, this one always links to the latest Alpha!

    Play the Alpha

    • The world spawns are much richer. Enemy ships, black holes and nebulas will spawn more often, nebulas are purely visual as of now apart from affecting your light output and bullet distance
    • Enemy ships will now spawn crystals
    • Crystal spawn bug fixed, no more up to five free crystals from one rock
    • The ship can now be destroyed with a placeholder effect, no more immortality
    • Black holes will eat your ship
    • Lights are back to the old way, it seems to work once more
    • Suns now have a bubbly effect
    • Startup scanner sweep now has correct information
    • Added an inventory, it doesn't work yet right now it's purely visual
  • Bullet Hell stresstest

  • Livestream developer interview tomorrow by Action Soup Studios, be sure to check it out if you're interested

    This video player can be used as a countdown timer

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  • Hey! Looks quite interesting.

    Tried to play, but could not figure out the controls for it :/

    Maybe a little hint?

  • Hey! Looks quite interesting.

    Tried to play, but could not figure out the controls for it :/

    Maybe a little hint?

    Thanks and yes that is the main question I keep hearing and I'm going to look into another control scheme (keyboard+mouse or gamepad).

    Current controls are as follows:

    To move you simply click and hold and then swipe in the direction you want to travel. The length of the swipe is relative the amount of force you apply.

    To shoot, click and hold and it will start shooting.

    The crystals are simple buttons you can press to change the power distribution of your ship. I guess you can clearly see that the initial idea was to have it run on tablets/phones (swipe based controls). The current controls will be used for those platforms, while I'll add proper input support for the computer platforms. I just haven't gotten around to it yet, other things are higher on the feature list right now

    I also played around with the particle systems, these explosions are in the game right now as well (Alpha 53)

  • San

    Thanks for the explanation. Will be waiting for the keyboard + mouse support then

  • Some graphical improvements and new parallax layered content, the closest layer visually will be home to interactive objects/planets/satellites etc...

  • Starting to look really good! Keep it up!

  • This looks really cool!

  • Thanks always good to hear

    I've added rare planets with rings as well now, they will mess with your radio signals (confusing your scanner array from time to time) and have a lot of Dust (resource)

  • A sneak peek at the patchlist for Alpha 54

  • "Kouji San" I love the "particles" and the effects

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