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  • Hi Blekdar,

    Congratulations, cool game! You write about your Steam experience? It's hard to advertising, you will reach the customers?

    I'm just curious, because the game looks really good, I hope you don't mind my question

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  • mrmeteor Thanks, I'll probably do a little post mortem after I launch the mobile builds. I mean the game hasn't been exactly earth shattering in terms of sales, but I can't complain at the units + reaction.

    In terms of reaching customers, I try to post regularly on twitter + tumblr shots / videos of my game, gets some people asking questions + builds interest. About a month before hand I set up an account at to sort of filter a bunch of the key requests I got into one place, then proceeded to send an insane amount of keys to press / streamers / youtubers with some success here and there.

    The best benefit about the steam version is that it's given me wayyyy more feedback than I have gotten previously, and has gotten quite a bit more hype looking forward to the mobile version, so I'm curious as to whether or not I can capitalize on that. I'll probably write about that afterwards, if there's anything worth writing

    Were there any specific questions you had about the steam process?

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