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$49 USD in the sea full of killer sharks, Sunday of life is the game. Who knows what is happening under the sea?
  • Shameless self-promotion here, but hey, I thought it was pretty cool: ... sp?c=63914 ... announced/

    Plus you guys have been hella supportive and would like to share these types of things with you all.

  • Awesome!!! That is exciting. Great work and I wish all the best on this project.

  • Hey, relatively minor update here. I've mostly been getting it ready for some public testing, but got some stuff to show off.

    First off, got a new website going (just a fork off of Tumblr) which serves has a bit of a press kit for now. I will update it with new screenshots and the official trailer in the coming months:

    Starting working on a new mechanic as well: Water! Simple really, water slows you down, but also messes with your gravity / bounciness. Found I can use to introduce some extremely precision based obstacle courses, but also can introduce some basic wall jumping. Here's a vine showing some of that off:

    Does anyone know how to embed vines?

    Alpha is incoming too! Going to load the html version on Gamejolt to get some public feedback on the first area and mechanics, just need to tighten up a few more things before hand!

    Got a bit of inspiration for this, so I did a concept for a potential boss. I *might* change this to make it easier to animate.

  • Hey everyone!

    So here's a playable build. You guys should try it out: ... pha/48677/

    You can play it with keyboard controls, but the mouse controls are around the same level as touch. If you want to know how the mobile version will play later this year, try it out that way.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Apparently there is an issue with the slash screen hanging. Refreshing the page seems to fix that.

    I'll switch it for an actual downloadable version later today to get around this. If you feel like playing it before then, you may have to refresh the page.

  • Alright, so I uploaded downloadable versions of the alpha as well, if anyone trying to play it has issues with the html version loading up.

    Any feedback you guys have, lemme have it! I would love to hear what you guys think! ... pha/48677/

    If anyone is interested in trying a mobile build, also let me know, either send me a message or post here. I would like to see how it performs on a variety of devices, so any help would be appreviated.

  • Working on some future boss ideas, thought I'd show off some of the progress. These are upscaled x4. Was also feeling particularly inspired by Mega Man.

    A serpent dragon thing.


    Let me know what you think!

  • Clap clap

    Very nice graphics and gameplay

    I ran of out ideas for you, I think it's close to be finished

    Would love to try it when it's ready

    Any mobile version?

  • New build on gamejolt: ... pha/48677/

    Multiple bug fixes and optimizations:

    • Fixed a bug that caused the player to hang in the void of nothingness if hitting the collapsing platforms at just the right moment
    • Made the rainbow trail less...breaky? Smoother mainly
    • Removed a non needed special pixel from a level
    • Penguins fed
    • Deaths are now context sensitive, giving you a different message depending on your method of death
    • Optimized the death system a bunch of times
    • Other things that I can't remember

    Yeah, the core gameplay is pretty much done, but there is quite a bit of game to make <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> I am working on putting the same alpha as a beta on google play, would've today if my bloody files didn't corrupt on me. I should have it up within a day or two.

    Essentially this will be the demo I use to show off the concept of the game. I am not sure if it will be a demo for just pc, or if I'll make it a demo for mobile platforms as well. I realize that ftp is the way to make money on mobile platforms, but I'd rather not eschew enjoyment for some cash. I'd probably just have a paywall after the first world.

    Anyways, monetizing is a conversation for another day. You guys give it a playthrough and lemme know what you think!

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  • Alright, so first up: There's a new build at game jolt, fixing some bugs and making the save system actually work properly. Check it out here: ... pha/48677/

    And now for the developer's log:

    I got a lot of positive comments and criticism for the alpha, and was able to fix a lot of bugs I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Thank you to everyone who was playing it and delivering feedback, I truly appreciate it.

    So what's new?

    New game mechanics, that's what! Let's go through them:

    Silver keys, collecting these causes the conveyor belts to reverse directions. Makes for some nifty little backtracking levels like this:

    I've shown off water before, but only in a blurry vine. Water's premise is simple, slows you down. It also makes you jumps higher, and your bounces. It also makes for some great precision based stages, since you have more time to gauge your jumps. Have a look here:

    I've got some stages plan that basically call for wall jumping using this bouncy-ness.

    Last up! Magnetic platforms, these are simple: Hit the blue part, you stick. Don't, and you bounce off, probably to your death. This stage explains that:

    Also, while I don't have any screenshots of it I also added some context sensitive death flavour text. You some randomized messages depending on what caused your death. Some instances include:

    'Spikes to meet you'



    Just to name a few, there's gonna be a lot of them when all is said and done.

    Anyways, that's it for now, let me know what you think and all that. Thanks!

  • Also, if you guys wanna try the game on the Windows Store you can do soooo....


  • Looks awesome, congrats

  • katzin Thanks!

    Just finished my days off, so back to work on this. Lots to do.

    The guys over at appspy/pocket gamer did a preview of the game a couple days ago. He's pretty psyched about it so I was thrilled about that!

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  • Been crunching away, getting the next builds ready to show off. Here's a couple new things:

    It wasn't really obvious what coins did, so I made it more obvious:

    Also, since water changes your gravity (cause water, duh). This gives you the amazing ability to wall jump! Gives some great new challenges as well:

  • Wow this is a really great project. Best of luck.

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