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  • Ethan Thank you very much! Glad you like it.

    I got a new build up on itch and gamejolt. ... pha/48677/

    Includes the new and changed features:

    • Area 2-1 has been added, another 12 levels
    • New menu system, makes more sense on PC
    • Context sensitive death messages
    • Various optimizations
    • Made earlier level goals a bit more fair
    • Some new animations
    • Various other changes that I can't really

    Anyways, give it a playthrough and lemme know what you think. This is currently the 'contest' build, as I aim to enter this in a few contests + showcases.

    Thanks everybody!

  • How are you beautiful people doing?

    Lookie, I implemented some simple water and splash animations.

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  • Feature update:

    I'm working on implementing alternate heads/hats/sombreros/whatever as unlockables. It's purely cosmetic, won't change the gameplay at all aside from looking awesome. Here is a skull as an example:

    What I plan on making for the next major build:

    Skull (done)




    Octopus - Secret reward after the second boss

    But I plan on adding quite a few in the release version. Open to suggestions if you got any.

  • I dig that idea blekdar The skull looks great! Looking forward to the other 'hats'

  • New bug fixing build out, have a look:

    Quick list of fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with the character shooting out of the screen
    • Fixed an issue with conveyor belts not registering properly
    • Changed collision movement when hit from the side, character no longer bounces off, but hangs in the air for a brief moment (thank you Chaotic Heart for this one)
    • Tweaked the difficulty on a few stages (ie. Mish Masher 9000 now has enough coins to complete the level when rushed through, thank you FloatingCoder on that one)
    • Changed a few level layouts (ie. Robot's First Maze now showcases how the dissolving platforms work, thank you johnguydude)
    • Fixed a game ending bug when you pressed space on the results page (thanks again johnguydude). For now the space key does nothing, but will be added again in later versions
    • Sort of fixed a camera issue where if you went up during a downwards screen transition the camera didn't move back up. If the camera is not overlapping the area Blitz is in, it does correct itself, it just looks a little odd at the moment.

    I'm very thankful that you guys are playing it and posting your feedback and crits, so keep at it!

    Oh, and to cap it off. Here's the chicken head doing battle against a robot octopus.

    I'm also working on improving the font, as I hear about it somewhat often.


  • Time for a couple images.

    Redid the font to make it look better, and more readable. Added some basic keyboard prompts to the in game menus. It's temporary, but it'll do for now. Also improved the title screen a bit, added a non-boring background.

  • Man, simply love the Zx style graphics.

    Thumb up.

  • Thanks HR78 !

    I'm back, and here is the current version of the character/head select screen.

    First 8 heads are made (1 not shown).

  • uh looks great

  • Fantastic work! One suggestion - make the outline weight of your font match that of your graphics.

  • Thanks guys! Yeah I guess the text weighting looks a little off compared to the character portraits. This is mainly because the character portraits are up-scaled version of the character sprites, so they weight is a little heavier than during gameplay. I don't know if I'm going to look at changing that too much, as it would change the look of the character sprites vs the character sprites, but I might toy with it a bit. Thanks for the crit!

    I made up a new little victory screen upon completing a section of levels, to smooth out the transition a bit.

  • I like the shaky end level summary as if there was a trembling sound fx.

  • Hey guys!

    There's a new page with the more 'official' demo! You can check it out here:

    This gives a fairly accurate idea of what the final game will be like, plus it finally has full keyboard + gamepad controls. I did end up scaling back the amount of content (first world) but I believe this will be more beneficial going forward. I would still love testers for the remaining content as I make so if you want in on it please let me know (I may be looking for android testers too, as I may have finally got it working properly)

    Anyways, that's it for now. Cheers!

    alextro Thanks! Not so much trembling but there are some good sounds to go with it.

  • I'm still here.

    SO! I have been adding new mechanics (I try to introduce one every block of levels, to help keep things interesting). For the current block I'm working on it's short ranged portals!

    I was able to crunch it out on the first day and functionality-wise it workded great. Looked like this:

    But it was feeling a bit off, so, with some advice from some other devs, changed up the portal colors to match and added a small detail path to further indicate where the portals led and voila!

    And now I very much like how this looks + feels.

    I also forgot to post the final look at the second boss!

    I was super pumped that I completed it (plus the music is super rad). Now onto completed the third world + boss (I'm planning four total), and to submit the current build to Fantastic Arcade. Cheers!

  • Speaking of new mechanics, missile launchers and their missiles are all done art-wise! Here is a level section with them:

    Now, I won't say this is a hard level (there's gonna be much harder ones), but this isn't exactly an easy level.

    I also got a mailing list set up to, if you wanna sign up for it you can here:

    I'm working on a newer trailer to show off the improved gameplay + art, and for some showcases coming up, will pose once it's ready to go.

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