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  • Hi guys, I have just uploaded the alpha version of the website for my studio. Its goal is to show the released games and the ones currently under development. It wants to be more an entertaining website rather than a "serious" one, it has to incentive the visitor to explore game after game all the creations.

    The website has been created entirely with Construct 2!

    This is the link:

    I would be glad if you can help giving feedback about your experience, bugs found and suggestion to improve.

    The website isn't finished at all, I just want to get more info to complete the first stage properly.

    Thank you!

  • Hi ^^

    I really like the idea of a website which is also a game, it's quite original

    I also think your "Matrix Easter egg" shows a nice way to use the color swap effect for the tide ^^

    However, the player seems a little slow, and the enemies on the map can be a real pain to deal with : there is no way to kill them (if the character has a weapon I have no idea how to use it) and the mushrooms just stalk you wherever you go moving at the same speed as you so you can't escape them and they kill you over and over again, so it becomes quickly frustrating instead of fun ^^'

    Also, I guess it's normal the player can't enter houses for now if it's still under development, but I prefer to list it just in case :-p

  • Hi Ratmaster, thank you for playing and I am glad you like the idea. Yes the tide looks not too bad considering that I didn't create with the idea or color swapping in mind, I apply the effect after. I instead used the effect to create the bee flying in one of the flower patches.

    Probably I will slightly increase the speed of the player but it is slow for a reason. While entering the first building (you can do so clicking a first time the door and a second time once open to get in), the character will have their owns stats and might be faster, stronger and ready for the battle. Mushrooms are usually easy to defeat. During the game there are some hidden power ups and pick up. Some already giving straight benefits, others later.

    There's at the moment a way to move in the first building before the mushrooms reach you, you just need to play it around a bit

  • when I tried the first time the door didn't open ^^'

    Now I could enter the first building and upgrade my character, but I found a new bug : I was hit by a mushroom at the exact same time I entere the building, so I had a "game over"on my screen but I was in the building and could continue to play XD

    By the way I like "The Outermost Dungeon" ^^

  • Yes, sometime that bug happens, I still have to fix it.

    While 64x64 UFOs was a game made for a jam that I did in 15 hours, The Outermost Bastion is at the moment the main game that I am developing. Unfortunately due to family issue I had to stop to work on it for 6 months. I had just a bit of time to work on the website that you have just tried. Once the website will be finished I will go back to complete The Outermost Bastion

    Anyway, the website will never be really finished, since it will evolve with the time every time I will work on some new projects

    I am glad you like the game

  • How did you post this website online?

  • How did you post this website online?

    I bought the domain and exported the game as HTML5, then just put everything inside the main folder with a FTP software. Usual things as you can do with a normal website.

  • I have increased the starting speed by 50%, now you should be able to survive longer the mushrooms

    If you don't see any difference, you might have to clear your cache memory.

  • Oh, by the way guys, the website is supposed to show more/less according to the window size, I want to play with this function more later on. This will help you to peek some areas and avoid some enemies attack in the future.

    Try to resize the window, it will also make the game faster.

  • that is much more enjoyable that way ^^ the first time it felt like a mushroom-based punishment, which was kind of awkward XD

    About The Outermost Bastion, it's simple yet challenging ^^

    I think the difficulty is very irregular though, sometimes it feels too easy and the next level is hellish :-p

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  • Great concept ... Just runs incredibly slow on mobile.

    Took like 30 seconds to make it half way the screen.

    Perhaps try and apply delta time for movement and such.

  • Ratmaster thank, I have plans to do other improvements but I am still waiting to see if other people leaves more feedback before progressing. How is your experience with battle and player creation? Is it clear how it works? I know I have still to improve and there are some bugs as well.

    I am glad you like The Outermost Bastion

    About the difficulty I try to follow this scheme as normally is used in most games to create alternation between challenging moments and powerful-feeling moments.

    The difficulty also depends on the randomisation of the levels and the upgrades that you have done until that moment. Finally the first 20 levels (the one you can play) are meant to be a sort of tutorial, while after you move on on different territory and will have to start from zero, having new enemies and different upgrades.

    Thank you lennaert, yes at this stage I am running the game at that speed for 2 reasons:

    1 - Give time to the occasional visitor to understand how to move and that they are in a website game and not a normal website. Otherwise they might just die straight away continuously.

    2 - During the visit you will have to create the character at the first location, there your characteristics are rolled and the speed can go up a lot. Even a just single +1 gives lot of difference. Also in the games there are drops and secrets items giving different bonuses, included speed raising.

    Did you manage to create your character or you just avoid the mushrooms and moved until the end of the stage without visiting any location?


    Sorry, I don't know if it is possible to resize the image. Here is a link to see it properly:

  • Actually ... after 30 seconds just making halfway the screen I closed it ....

    I've been a web developer for a long time (ciw master designer), and one of the basics is that when visiting a page, no matter how pretty or stunning it looks, if a visitor does not find what he is looking for within a couple of seconds, or is not entertained/interested within moments of visiting, they will leave quickly. (generally hitting page back)

    Not to mention there was no guidance or intro as to possibilities ..... it took me ten seconds to even see that it was my player that actually moved

    Seeing the player move that slow; quickly made me loose interest, as the prospect of waiting a couple minutes more with slow moving before getting anywhere ... bored the hell out of me. ^_^ Nothing personal, just conveying my experience.

  • about fighting and player creation it's kind of confused, I agree with lennaert there is no explanation in the beginning, so you don't know what to do. For example you don't know if you can touch enemies or not (in some games when touching enemies you enter a turn-based fight) Also I think it's a bad idea to put the character "creation" AFTER the first enemies because in this case you can't fight back... Also, doors are a pain in the ass to open, and it's even worse when killing mushrooms are stalking you... If I didn't want to spend time on this to help you I would have closed it too ^^' (And the first time I used arrow keys to control the character, and I couldn't even open the door >_<'

    And I'm still not sure how fight really work, there are dices, someone dies and someone doesn't, that's it ^^'

    About the difficulty in The Outermost Bastion : it felt more like this to me :

    With big difficulty spikes at times, and some kind or boring moments at time because really too easy. Also, it's kind of frustrating that the "cut a tree" is useless because you could just destroy them with a boulder :-/

  • lennaert and Ratmaster thank you for your feedback.

    Don't worry about pointing out the problems, since this is what I need, otherwise what's the point of this forum section?

    I will work to increase a faster first impact impression and trying to bring people faster to player's creation and battle explanation

    About the battle system, would you prefer to have an active direct control of the battle as an arcade game or do you think a RPG chance is better (similarly to how it is now)? At first I thought about giving just speed to the player and let him dodge the enemies, then the idea changed preferring to give prizes for visitor that actually visit the various game, that's why I added the RPG style. So the option now is to be more a action/RPG where the player maybe have to click on the enemy to attack it or just let the CPU roll the dice for you.

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

    About The Outermost Bastion, I am working in a new version were trees have different dimensions and resistance towards boulders. Now the first NPC are coming in play and getting some of them change the cost of give different advantages. For example the first one reduce the cost of cutting to only 1 resource point. Cutting the right tree is important according to the strategy but it really depends how the map is randomised. It is meant to be an optional resource to use, not a step that must be done to unlock something.

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