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  • Personally I would prefer an active control on the battle, because right now I'm not sure what's happening, I just know there are dices but that's it ^^

    Having trees that resist to boulders would be a great idea ^^

    Right now I think the easiest way to win is to upgrade weapons first, destroy every single tree with boulders a soon as you can so enemies can't hide, and then regen / upgrade health :-p

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  • Ratmaster Thanks I will think about it, I am trying to solve another issue in the meantime and then I will go back to that

    Yes, the trees can still be knoked down but the more trees you hit the more it slow down the boulder and the largest tree slow it down much more. In the new version the boulder might stay easily in the battle field and you can hit it again with another one making them crack and scatter around pieces of stone that injure enemies (and friends too). Also the catapult now works differently, the more you hold down the attack button, the more it flies up and then only when released it starts to follow. This let you avoid to hit some trees or attack enemies far away.

  • Nice ideas

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