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  • Hi there!

    I'm working on a little pet project. I'm certain it will prove more than challenging since I've never actually attempted to make a board game in C2 before.

    At the moment I have a jumble of plugins in the game. Hopefully when all is done and accounted for I'll be able to clean up some of them out and keep only the necessary ones. The overall look and feel should be a bit like a classic tile based game like mahjong or scrabble where you moved tiles around or picked them up to place them.

    Basic Concept:

    • Tile board game.
    • 2 players
    • 2 factions
    • 1 base per player
    • 7 randomized unit tiles
    • max 3 tiles on board per player

    Plugins in use currently:

    • Tabletop layer effect.
    • rexrainbow's board and squaretx
    • Touch
    • Mouse
    • Function
    • max 3 tiles on board per player

    I'll be working on some better graphics after I get the mechanics working enough.

    Things that need solving:

    • Pickup and Place tiles (I want to pick them up from the bar and place them on the board on the clicked tile space) If I can't fix that I'll have to come up with another solution.
    • Once in the board they have to be able to move by tile movement one space in either 4 directions.(they can't move trough tiles or bases)
    • Limit the amount of player tiles on play to a max of 3
    • Set basic win/lose conditions(this will be a bit more complex than it sounds but basically player with no tiles looses, player whose base is taken looses)
    • Turn based system(this shouldn't bee too hard)
    • Decide on a style and make all the graphics )yeah I have a few ideas)

    Here's my first screenshot with the board made and the player tiles sorted and player1 tiles showing sample combatants. I kinda like that style fo the game but Im more inclined to making the images more illustrative and less pixelart.

    I hope you all like what you see.. I'll try to keep this updated as I make some progress. Suggestions and direction is more than welcome.

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