Adventure Game Prototype (5\10)

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  • Here is an adventure type game that I've been slowly mocking up. I don't have any real direction with this game, I've just been having fun making a character and seeing where it leads me.

    Everything is still work in progress. I'd like to add a lot more details to the castle. Right now I'm breaking down parts of the castle wall and adding snow drifts trying to get a feeling of a blizzard outside. Looking at this image now, everything is really grey. I need to add some color or maybe the next tileset will be more colorful.

  • throw in an epic story line and that's gonna be a hell of a game!

  • Your art is pretty spectacular. I'm looking forward to seeing more, that's for sure!

  • Thanks guys.

    Man...I'm looking at this now on a different monitor and its super dark. I'll be doing a pass on the brightness soon.

  • Looks cool, i love dark styles.

    but i don't think double jump fit the character.

  • Love the art style

    Just a little bit too dark

    but looking forward to seeing where you go with this

  • Here's an update of some climbing features. Also brightened up the tiles a bit.

    A0Nasser I'm not sure If I'm going to keep the double jump but if I do there will probably be some kind of magic effect to tie it together.

  • This is looking really good and professional. Your very talented. Good work.

  • Wowo nice work, an inspiration to a noob like me. Please post more previews!

  • Would love to see a tutorial on the whole cliff hanging action - how is that accomplished?

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  • awesome

  • Very well done. Great animation. I love how the white windows contrast so well with the interior.

  • Would love to see a tutorial on the whole cliff hanging action - how is that accomplished?

    Same here, that will be helpfull. A tutorial or at least a comment to light up the way

  • Looks great! Nice pixel art and animations.

  • Hey desjardins2014 and , sorry I haven't responded yet. I can't do a tutorial right now because I have very limited time to even work on my own project. Hopefully I can lead you in the right direction though. For hanging on the platform, I just test for overlap at the top of the player’s collision box with the jump through platform. Then I switch behaviors to 8 direction and do some fixups to make sure the top of my collision box matches up to the jump through platform. I don't think it's necessary to use the 8 direction behavior, but because I have some other wall climbing abilities that use it, it made sense for my game. To climb up, I just move the player's collision box up until it isn't overlapping the solid anymore, then switch back to the platform behavior when the climbing animation is done. Hope that helps.

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