Adventure Game Prototype (5\10)

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  • Hey desjardins2014 and , sorry I haven't responded yet. I can't do a tutorial right now because I have very limited time to even work on my own project. Hopefully I can lead you in the right direction though. For hanging on the platform, I just test for overlap at the top of the player’s collision box with the jump through platform. Then I switch behaviors to 8 direction and do some fixups to make sure the top of my collision box matches up to the jump through platform. I don't think it's necessary to use the 8 direction behavior, but because I have some other wall climbing abilities that use it, it made sense for my game. To climb up, I just move the player's collision box up until it isn't overlapping the solid anymore, then switch back to the platform behavior when the climbing animation is done. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for taking the time! That seems tricky but is more than enough. Good luck with the project, it is looking pretty good.

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  • Got some combat going. Ouch!

  • lol damn, that looks like it hurt.

    This project looks pretty rad! Any guess on when there will be something we can play around with?

    Love the wind blowing in through the window!

  • ryanrybot

    Thanks. I'd say at least a few months for a playable build. Right now it's just a bunch of separate systems that I'm playing around with. Once there's more of a game (if it ever gets that far) I'll put out a demo.

  • Would love to see a tutorial on the whole cliff hanging action - how is that accomplished?

    It looks like the windowsill could be a jump through platform with an invisible jump through platform skillfully placed lower beneath the window. In reality the character "is walking" on the new platform, but the animation and placement looks like he's hanging on the window.

    would be nice to have this feature working on my game as well.

    Edit: I just tried works for me lol.

    RE-Edit: I did not notice there was a second page in this what he posted would probably work better performance wise.

  • UberLou

    Looks fantastic. Love the artstyle and animations. Reminds me a bit ICO, Castlevania and Dark Souls. Hope to see more soon


  • Looks like a game I would be playing a lot! Wish I had your talent as an artist.

    Looking forward to more updates from you.

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Just a little update. Recaptured the previous shot at a larger size. Starting some FX work and tweaking the colors\lighting.

  • do you guys who create graphics do this all on PC with mouse and keyboard or are you guys using some drawing tools?

  • desjardins2014 There's a saying - drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a bar of soap. If you're on PC, you need some kind of drawing tablet.

  • Looks amazing. Love the animation.

  • Great animations! Really nice!

  • Wow, this is looking really great! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  • This is a forest environment I made a while ago. Starting to rework and polish it to fit my game.

  • Love the atmosphere! Keep up the great work!

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