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  • rexrainbow

    Would it be possible for u to build a analytics plugin which allows us to see custom game data.

    like player position etc.

    so that with this data we could build our own custom analytics platform.

    As in showing players as dots on a map like:

    Where have they died.

    Where did they get highest score.

    Where they explored.

    I have seen a developer showing this feature on youtube.

    (Not construct2)

    He could go to his website load in a url of a game he made, a map was shown with al the places players died in his game.

    it was amazing!

    And super helpfull to understand and communicate with the playerbase.

    I gues it could be that u already support this feature somewhere in your big plugin list.

    If so, please educate us how to get this amazing feat to become that of our own.

    Thank u for your time rex.

  • Savvy001

    You might try Arne 's parse plugin. It supports analytics feature.

    ( I had not tested it since I did not have this kind of requirement. )

  • Thank u rexrainbow

    Altough i doubt that this is the analytics options i am requesting

    It seems parse.com can get custom data into their analytics, but it would be of no use to view it in "their' analytics board.

    That "i think" would not give me the option to use the data in a self build analytics capx project.

    Maybe parse itself could, just dont think the analytics part will.

    And that pricing is way of the charts for non earning developers like myself.


    Can u shed some light on my request: is it possible with your plugin?

  • Savvy001

    It only could view data at dashboard, because that it does not support read back function, in the parse official document.

  • rexrainbow

    Thank you for the answer.

    That brings me back to the topic.

    If possible.. does my request find your interest in a build?

  • Savvy001

    Parse is a data-base service like a sql. You might save these events into it, then read back at another client.

    You might try Arne 's solution first, it provides a general parse api.

  • If you want to know the status of "current players". You might try my rex_firebase series.

    Here is a similar example.

    But it might not powerful enough if you want to do more complex analyze.

  • 2 options is great news.

    Once i have things sorted i'l report back here with hopefully a demo.

    Thank u rexrainbow

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  • I agree with that you need to use the database functionality, the Analytics part is not suitable for this.

  • Thanx Arne for the pointer.

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