Plugin suggestion: MIDI to ogg/m4a on run-time

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  • Hi, since I am no plugin developer I want to make a suggestion for those who can develop one:

    MIDI (or other format) to ogg/m4a at run-time, during the game or on project loading.

    This is beneficial especially for mobile development to keep the project as small as possible when having more then 10 audio tracks.

    I know music can be streamed but for example if I have a mobile game with 50 levels and I want to have a unique background song for each level the music will eat enough bandwidth so the user will decide to uninstall the game.

    My idea is to load MIDI files which are infinitely smaller and convert them at run-time to ogg and m4a. I know that the quality from MIDI is poor, but maybe a good MIDI Synthesizer will do the trick.

    Simple...Yeah, I know <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    [EDIT:]Take as example the keygens music from Razor1911 , Core etc. (chip music is still cool)

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  • This would require packaging a synthesizer along with your build which in most cases would mean audio samples and potentially increasing your build quite substantially. It might be possible to use the default midi sounds on the user's machine but that would most likely limit its functionality to desktop only (i.e. I'm not sure that mobile devices have default midi synths).

    So here's an idea. Make your own sampler. Record each note for a couple octaves of a synth sound that you like. If you limit it to two octaves that would be 24 samples and you could make these files very small - only a second long. Then instead of trigger prerecorded music files you will send sequences to your sampler. With the new audio effects you can add reverb, delay, and other effects to create a diverse range of music. Hmmm...if I can get some time in the next week I will try to make an example of this as I plan to make a virtual instrument app in the upcoming months.

  • srealist Your idea is interesting. I dont know how easy will be to generate music in Construct using sample audio, since you have to make an array with the pitch and pause between notes.

    I know there is a plugin that might be useful WorkSheet

    or maybe Time-Action Recorder and Player

    I didnt try them but the last one seems useful for recording paino melody for example.

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