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  • I made a very simple player for BeepBox https://beepbox.co/. Beepbox is an online chiptune composing tool. I used a given player for websites to make the plugin.

    Is there any interest in this player plugin?

    I have a little example of the player. It plays only one Song: Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (For Beepbox by John Nesky the maker of BeepBox)




  • Hey, i like it and iam interested to test it.

    Keep up the fire!

  • totoe I will polish the plugin a little and make it more robust against wrong songformats. Then I will post a link to the beta.

  • Thanks, really cool stuff. Like the big brother of JSFXR!

  • Asmodean Hello, happy new year. Any news on the Plugin?

  • I have a guilty conscience. I didn't work the last few days on it.

    It works but there are so many tiny things to fix.

    First was that the player should not play in the background. I think if the browser is not in focus the player shouldn't play.

    Now I have to look that all parameters are saved if someone make a save state. It won't possible to play the song form the last position were it was saved. The player-engine doesn't support that. It will play the song from the beginning.

    At the moment you can set the volume, reverb, loop, look if a song is played, length of the song, look the playing position and play, stop, pause the song and start over from the beginning.

    At the moment I have to fix all the descriptions and labels for the condition, actions and expressions to more meaningful.

    I hope it will be all done shortly


  • totoe

    Here is the first beta.


    The zip-file contains two files. An example and the folder with the plugin.

    Put the folder in \Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins directory.

    I hope the example is self-explaining.

    Here are some example songs:


    The song is saved in the URL you need all from(inclusive) the #.

  • Thanks for sharing the plugin! I will test now!

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  • Hello Asmodean,

    did you find time to develop a bit further?

    Can we have something like a TAG "audio".

    Set Volumen set to 0. Is that 0 DB?

    The analyser effect needs a tag to get audio?!

  • The plugin doesn't use the Audio-Plugin. It uses his own output. So it's not possible to get access to the output with the audio-plugin and Tags wouldn't change that.

    Volume = 0 should be mute the audio.

  • I would love to get a strong connection into construct2, if the audio tag is not support, its not so bad, because i can convert to wav anytime.

    I would be great to harvest the songs from twitter but that is another thing and no related to this plugin.

    Will you work on it a bit further?

  • Sorry for the late reply.

    If you have any problems with the plugin I will try to fix it, but it's hard to add more functions. The API of the Player-Engine is very limited. Mostly it's easier to convert the songs in wav and use the Audio-Plugin from C2.

  • i would love to read songs via CSV or json, any chance to help with this topic. At the moment the site itself is nice for making tunes, but its not for playlist a lot of songs.

  • I have to look if there is an import for json in the API.

    Is there any benefit for using json over a plain ASCII text-file? You could put the song in a text-file and import it with ajax into a variable. If you use a json-file the only change would be that the variable holds the json-file instead of a ASCII text-file.

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