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  • Hey Asmodean, there is no need to use the json import. I could live with some text file for sure. Did you follow the mods for BeepBox player too.

    Seems to be a active group which made some pimped up Beepbox.

  • totoe The plugin can read json song files without any change. Export the song on the beepbox webside and you can it import it with ajax in setSong.

  • Asmodean i just checked the beepbox site and found out there was a huge update to the core. If there is any time and motivation can you pplease check out your beepBox plugin if you can update it too?

    I wonder if i can control e.g. the filter values via events when playing a song?

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  • totoe I take a look, but it will take some time. I'm a little busy at the moment.

  • Thanks Asmodean! Take your time. Just a little reminder that this beepbox is growing into a big one.

  • totoe Here is an plugin update to BeepBox 3.0:


    The altering of filters on the fly is not so easy. The filters are bound to the channels (instruments) and there is no documentation how that is done. I will have a look at it, but in the moment you can only change reverb and volume like before.

  • Hey Asmodean! Thanks a lot for the fast share here!

    Great 1!

  • Hello Asmodean !

    it would be great if you find time and look into the player plugin again? I collected some actual tunes from the web and the player is not playing anything.

    Nice christmas time and a happy new year.

  • Hoi totoe, I looked at it and it seems he changes the complete engine of the player. It's all completely new. So all new Songs want work on the old plugin. I will take a look, but this will take some time, because it's all new and I cannot guarantee that it will work like before, because there is only play and pause officially supported.

  • Asmodean Thanks for the reply. I would love to see it updated in a near future. I wish i could help you more, but i also looked into the source and there are edits on many places. Thanks for your hard work and this plugin which iam in deeply love with!

  • Hoi totoe, I hope I fixed it. Reverb only works on old songs, on new songs it has no effect. It's not only the plugin. The web-player/composer has the same effect.

    It was like I said he (John Nesky) changed the whole player and so some variables wasn't there anymore. Official only 'play' and 'pause' is supported. My plugin is a dirty hack and something what you actually should never do because it will sooner or later break the plugin.


  • Hello Asmodean,

    thanks again for delivering this addon. Your work is outstanding. I hope it last some time.You definition of "it will take time" is different from mine ;) Keep up the good & hard work! 1 <3

  • Hello, after looking at the example capx, i see the 2 different ways to load up the demo song. It would be cool to get a nice player together which collects these songs and put them into a file, that the player can read from.

    The json import should be cool if we also want to edit the song?

    Is there a way to encode and decode the json to url and back.

    To make a playlist it would be easier to grab the url only and appent to a txt or csv.

    I installed a skip button with - on clicked - Ajax request xy2.json.

    Maybe i will try to unhide the ajax request and go with "set song to" or

    with tobys set plugin. When i chosse to go with json, i also have to check the file name in the event sheets. It seems there are a few clone of the orginal source e.g. jummbus.bitbucket.io I must see if these songs better convert with url or json or cant be imported. Curius why reverb is implemented in such a different way!? Stability or performace?

    Dope work, to giving us a way, to use it in our construct projects!

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