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  • Great plugin, any chance it will work with NW.js in the future, so we can build radio player in .exe format?

    • and does this work on mobiles? - i mean compiled through CocoonJS or similar?

    Great plugin!

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  • xanxion I will attempt in the future to ensure the plugin also works fully with NW.js, but won't be working on other platforms such as CocoonJS (some changes may however work throughout different platforms). No schedule yet however, as quite busy on my current project.

  • wmsgva , Can we also change the volume of the stream while streaming ?

  • some form so it can work with android? plisss

  • Currently no time to further refine the plugin.

    I would suggest, if enough people are interested, that everyone requests this feature be part of the

    standard audio plugin. It shouldn't be difficult for Scirra to add this in and it is MUCH EASIER for

    their team to ensure compatibility on the large variety of platforms C2 supports.

  • wmsgva maybe its not working because of the minification, try exporting without minificating or use square brackets notations within your plugin!

  • Nice plugin. worked to play audio from the web.

    I did how ever wish there was more to this plugin.

    Like play loop or play once.

    I had to create a loop by setting

    If play loop ( compare time = play time ) on time = stop stream / play stream.

    and to play once to set the play button active again.

    I had to set wait time = (play time). stop stream and set button active

    sure that does not seam all that hard to do. But if you have 1,000+ sounds/songs that = 4,000+ code strings to turn them on and off as there is no way to set a default on/off once the sound/song finishes.

    I tried is playing and is not playing which in theory should have done this task. but no luck.

    I even tried everytick is playing or is not playing, but no luck.

    Any great ideas?

    Thanks in advance. Jeremy C.

  • wmsgva maybe its not working because of the minification, try exporting without minificating or use square brackets notations within your plugin!

    Also it might not be playing if you are hosting them in dropbox.

  • wmsgva can you updata download site of your audiosteam plugin ,

    it,s failed to download it with dropbox.com/s/1vbkkb7ty06za ... eam1-2.zip


  • wertt22 Nothing had changed and the file is still on the Dropbox, so not sure why you're having a problem. Can you try again, possibly from another computer?

  • It would be awesome to improve the plugin by adding a fade in when starting the streaming and a fade out when stopping. Is it difficult to adapt the plugin to include a parameter for the fade in / out timing?

  • Awesomee!! thank you so much

  • arturosanz It would probably not be very difficult (just use a loop with the parameter and progressively increase/reduce the volume). No time at the moment to try this, but as the code is open, anyone can have a go at it.

  • Thanks !

  • Hello there,

    is the plugin still available? The link above doesn't work.


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