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  • Just completed my first plugin for Construct 2.

    The Audiostream plugin allows you to play online audio streams within the platform.

    1. Actions:

    Audiostream.StartPlaying (stream URL): Starts playing the specified online audio stream

    Audiostream.Stop Playing: Stops the stream currently playing

    2. Conditions:

    Has stream: Has a stream defined or not

    Is playing: Stream is currently playing or not

    3. Expressions:

    Stream: Returns URL of stream currently defined (String)

    4. Known issues:

    • The plugin currently works in development mode and when a game is exported to HTML 5. It doesn't however work with games exported via NW.js

    (if any specialist plugin creators have an idea why, please let me know)

    • Works natively under Chrome, but requires server side definition of aac mime type for other browsers

    5. To install:

    Download from:

    Then unzip to \Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins

    6. Update history:

    Version 1.1 : Improved memory management

    Version 1.2 : Prevent plugin crash if Audiostream.Stop is called before any stream has been played

  • Nice!

    I wanted this for a long time.

    Thanks for building it.

    And i hope u get the NW functionality working.

  • this is awesome, thanks for sharing

  • Awesome plugin wmsgva !.

    Can it be possible to retrive the audio stream URL from an XML and then have it played through your plugin. How can this be achieved?

    Many thanks for your assistance.

  • Animate

    Yes, you could store many stream URLs in an XML file and then call the StartPlaying action to play them. For example:

    Global Text MyVariable = ""

    Ajax.Request yourfile.xml (tag "myfile")

    Ajax.On "myfile" completed

    XML.Load XML document from string AJAX.LastData

    System.Set MyVariable to XML.StringValue("/Gamedata/Streams/Text/Content/text()"")


  • I was looking for this for long time 😀

    Thank you

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  • This is kool .... I am using in my client project.

  • Have you come across a delay of playback when using on any iOS device (iPAD, iPHONE)?.

    It seems that when the audiostream plugin is triggered, it usually takes one to two seconds for the audio to start playing on these devices. Is there a workaround for this issue.?

    Thanks for the great plugin

  • any problems using this plugin on iOS?,

    I am getting really bad lag everytime i request a sound (about 1.5 sec delay) when using on a iOS device such as iPhone or iPAD.

    Any thoughs?

  • wmsgva not 100% sure how to ask this question... so please bear with me!

    i am currently loading my streams from a webserver, into a var within construct via xml...and all works great, but my issue is that im in need of knowing when a specific stream has ended, since im using many different vars depending on what im rolling over, i cannot simply use the inverted "is playing" .... plus it seems that unless you tell the stream to stop, it constantly reads as playing even if the sound has finished.

    i have tried setting flags to be used as Boolean conditions depending on which vars im loading and playing, but they can still only be changed or reset by activating another stream, thus not giving me the ability to do something like - turn a specific group on when a specific stream is finished streaming.

    is there any way to tag a stream for direct monitoring or use multiple streams ???


  • Animate : I have also noticed this issue regarding a delay before the stream starts playing. Not really sure what the reason is, as there is no delay applied in the code.

    : The needs you expressed would require extending the plugin. As I haven't much time at the moment to work on it, I will only be able to at a later time.

    In both cases, I would really love Ashley to add this streaming facility to the platform's standard audio plugin, as it would make sense.

  • thanks for the reply, i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing out on a current feature.

    thanks for your work ... much appreciated!

  • wmsgva

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Nice plugin dude!

  • this plugin in very nice ,

    but ..

    not working in cocoon.io

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