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  • Hi there

    Here is the first release of Flodjs ...

    What is flodjs;

    1- Author is Christian Corti Neoart Costa Rica E-Mail: flod@neoartcr.com alias Photonstorm


    2- Reworked by Antoine Santo alias Nonameno http://codef.santo.fr We Are Back project


    Flod can replay various music modules format from Amiga based; but can replay

    PC format Fasttracker so more than 4 channels like 8/16/ 32 multichannels

    V0.05 - Added Volume, Amiga filter and Stereo

    V0.04 -- initial release with the basic controls.

    plugin & caps [link]: http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/flodjs.rar

    live demo link: http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/flod/

    Request Icon : please send me an icone (hate to draw <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">.

    Have Fun

  • Seems to play a bit better than the tracker plug.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/666 ... inIcon.ico

  • Thank you for this icon ;

    For the best performance use Chrome ;

  • Just tell you i have finished minifyed working version of flodJS.

    Flod can play multiple modules from various machines . like PC AMIGA ATARI etc...

    Suported formats:

    FastTracker II XM PC + DigiBooster Pro 2.18 detection

    The Ultimate Soundtracker (Karsten Obarski)

    DOC Soundtracker 9, DOC Soundtracker 2.0

    Master Soundtracker

    Soundtracker 2.3, Soundtracker 2.5

    NoiseTracker 1.0, NoiseTracker 1.1, NoiseTracker 2.0

    His Master’s NoiseTracker

    ProTracker 1.0, ProTracker 1.1, ProTracker 1.2

    SoundFX 1.0, SoundFX 1.8, SoundFX 1.9, SoundFX 2.0

    FutureComposer 1.0, FutureComposer 1.2, FutureComposer 1.3, FutureComposer 1.4


    SidMON II

    Brian Postma's SoundMon 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

    DeltaMusic 1.0

    DeltaMusic 2.0, Delta Music 2.2

    Digital Mugician

    Digital Mugician 7 Voices

    David Whittaker


    Jochen Hippel (regular and COSO formats, 4 voices only)

    Rob Hubbard

    live demo link: http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/flod/

  • Much obliged, sir.

  • thanks for all your great stuff

  • Ok the usable FlodJs plugin was updated..

    -- removed YM player , some essential basic commands like LoadandRun ; play pause stop added.

    This version replace the existing version the old version had some minifyed errors, this one

    win battle against devil minifyer and still alive..

    So download it at the first post... i will add some extra commands and Voilà..

    the capx is included on packed rar file.

    Have fun...

  • Flodjs in action playing multichannel XM Module, with typewriter plugin.

    Demo adapted from Skid-Row.


  • Hey there Gigatron!

    Great to see you are working on FLOD

    I was helping Christian a little with it - testing modules, finding bugs etc.

    But unfortunatelly, he stopped answering to emails, like, two years ago or so

    I'd like to ask you - are you going to update the Flash/AS3 version as well?

    This is the version I'm most interested in, since JS is too CPU demanding - we want to give the opportunity to listen to mod files to everyone, those with lower specs as well, don't we?

    Cheers and keep up the good work,

    AceMan / modules.pl

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  • AceMan

    Sorry i never worked on flash/as3 version. But you can take the flash version of flod player here



  • Zebbi

    Christian Corti released Flod 6.0 with some new module support; so

    i ve decided to port this new release to Construct2 :

    Supported Amiga module format :

    Beathoven Synthesizer Ben Daglish BP SoundMon ChipTracker/Soundtracker 2.6 David Whittaker Delta Music 1 Delta Music 2 Digital Mugician FastTracker II Fred Editor Future Composer Game Music Creator His Master's NoiseTracker Infogrames Jason Brooke Jochen Hippel Richard Joseph Rob Hubbard SIDMon 1 SIDMon 2 SoundFX Soundtracker/NoiseTracker/ProTracker Suntronic UnicTracker

    Example is here ; it's on beta stage but easy for me to finish it...

    * Beta stage ;


  • Gigatron

    i remember watching flodjs long time ago, however i dont get it what it does... amiga filter only or? the original demo from github is not available anymore.

  • This one is Flod 6.0 ... you can choise Amiga filter on off or auto..

    If you are interested I can send this plugin to you ..

  • If you are interested I can send this plugin to you ..

    No,but thank you! Im trying to do something 3d-ish with some of the effects you made and audio analyser. im just playing around today.

  • FLODJS Plugin is excellent !!!

    Thank you, it is exactly what i was looking for !

    And with the SONG POSITION ! This is really useful !

    Thank you Megatron !

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