[AudioEx] Record Audio & Play audio from external sources

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  • Hey Guys , AudioEx is my first Plugin.

    AudioEx by Hamza is what a lot guys here looking for, i always wanted a plugin to record audio and play audio from external resources but i couldn't find a plugin, so i decided to learn a little of C2 Js SDK and make my own, i'm still at the beginning and that's what i have done so far :

    this plugin is still in progress, it's functioning as expected but still need some improvements and features.

    AudioEx does :

    • record audio from microphone with no need to any other technology ( no flash or whatever).
    • return result as a wav blob url
    • return result as encoded base64 wav string.
    • play audio from external resources , using file chooser or any online audio file.
    • play recorded audio as base6' or as blob
    • specify record interval to slice your records length
    • you can also download the wav file using the browser ( invoke download)

    AudioEx doesn't yet :

    • stop recording
    • stop playing current audio source ( unless it's finished)

    problems :

    too slow to get the base64 string.

    plugin and demo zip file in the attachements

    i'm waiting for you feedback and if anyone wants to help improving it , you are welcome

  • Sounds interesting, will be sure to give it a try. So, it can play, for example, a WAV file loaded as a C2 resource? Can it do so without substantial delay? If so, that would be awesome.

    Thx for sharing!

    Edit: Doesn't seem to be a play action...?

  • yes it play your Audio file immideatly , with no need to preload , and sorry i will fix that , the action name is wrong , i forgot to correct it , but i will , it's just Play action

  • nice work

  • warville Is it possible to start an endless recording without presetting the length?

  • , sorry for the late reply, but that would crush your browser , it needs a lots of memory , and by presenting the length you are just spliting the recordings into smaller pieces , if you want and very length recording maybe store them in a table and play them

  • Could you make it so, that while a button is pressed and held, it records ? and when button released start the encoding ? (with the length of button pressed time)

    Also, is this the lowest quality for the microphone available ? (perhaps for size reduction)

    Also, getting access to the blob file would be nice. (is that smaller then the base64 ?)

    I tried implementing it into my video chat, ... but the x second stop and start thing makes it really troublesome to have something useful recorded. I got it working, but its bugly atm

    PS try naming the options normally

  • lennaert , sure i will Rename them, the plugin currently do what you want , but only if you specify a maximum record time for the user like in Messenger you can't record for long time, but i will try to improve it

  • Sounds great

    Looking forward to the results.

  • really usualy plugin< thanks

  • Awesome idea!

    Would this work on mobiles? On CocoonJS compiled games for example?

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  • is this plugin still in development?

    I'd love to hear some news because audio recording (especially on mobile) is something that I really need for development!

    Thanks in advance!


  • nice work

    but how can i stop the recording permission ?

  • Seriously it would be amazing if this plugin would get more love, I'm stuck using a faulty flash plugin right now...

  • Cool can't wait to see more.

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