How do I zoom out to less than 10% in the layout view?

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  • In the Construct2 layout view it seems that zooming out is limited to 10%. Seems strange that Construct2 allows zooming in to 10000% but zoom out is limited to 10%. I'd like to go out to 1%. Is there any way of achieving this or would it be a feature request for Scirra?

    I have very large layouts (500k+ square) and it is very difficult to design my levels with this zoom out restriction as I'm constantly having to scroll around the layout view to place tiled backgrounds/sprites in my level.

    I'm developing a PC game which runs these large layouts fine at 60 FPS (I'm making extensive use of tiled backgrounds with a small number of sprites)

  • Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Haven't seen this raised in the past on the forums so I'm assuming there is an easy fix.

  • Margin options are default 500 or something you can make it 50000

  • As far as I can see increasing the margins adds space around the layout but does not improve the ability to zoom out any further than 10% in the layout view.

  • or use rate scale !!!

  • I'm not referring to the runtime scale rate options but the zooming option in the layout view when designing layouts (i.e. under the View menu option in Construct2).

  • I guess I'm stating the obvious:

    It's not possible.

    I can also understand why it's not possible, for zooming out to 1% would mean that everything les then 100 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height, would be invisible in the editor, which would not be very usefull..

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  • True for smaller sprites, but for resizing and moving around tiled backgrounds it would be very useful. E.g. placing roads on a city map.

    I hope someone from the Scirra team is reading this and considers allowing zoom out to at least 5% before development on Construct2 stops. It would make the process of designing large levels a lot easier.

  • I AGREE SIRS!! Ashley Can you allow zooming to greater than 10% scale in the editor por favor (please)??

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