How do I make it work the music in android

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  • Hello, I am trying the export of applications in Android crosswalk with XDK intel and normal Android export with the same program ... I just refused not get that music is played on any export, I tried the previous touch screen, the preload and I get nothing. Audio effects are perfect, and the mechanics of the game too. Someone has a CapX, or any advice to share?

  • I sent you a PM to try and clear out the problem. Maybe I can help you a bit on this.

  • Well then there's several things that could be happening I'll do my best to explain my experience so far.

    Firstly I'd try checking that the sound format is the correct one:

    In my case I save the sound/music in wav format at 22000khz and construct doesn't give me any trouble with the conversions. I'm not sure if its a compressor problem on my side but it's working fine for me this way.

    Additionally I found out that Construct 2 is using 2 different folder thingies to manage sound and music. I'm guessing it does this so that you can manage both independently or with some performance increasing whatchamacallit. Ashley should be able to shed some light on that one. However for my game I put my music (which is short and loop able) in the same sound folder instead of music. This helped me solve a weird issue in crosswalk that I had to lower/raise volume independently for sound and music which quickly became annoying for me.

    Also with this setting when you want to hear a specific sound (in my case music) you have to pre-load it on the stage before it or you make a very annoying pause which robs from the game feel/flow a great deal. (especially in games where your music should change immediately)

    Another note, when you're using Intel XDK and making your android /crosswalk game there's a switch in one of the options where you have to turn on the use of "media" it says something along these lines

    MEDIA : The Media object provides the ability to record and play back audio files on a device.

    So far this has been my experience and it's been working for my game. I've published in CocoonJS, Crosswalk and Android and all work with my music and sounds so far.

    I hope this helps you a bit.

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  • Thank you! At the end was a problem of audio format, scroll down to 16bit and 22000 MHz and perfect Thanks again, really.

  • Any time! Glad I could help even if a little. I like this community it's very active and responsive.

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