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  • Hello,

    I am having an issue with building an app for my Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920). I downloaded Construct 2, as well as the Windows Phone 8 SDK which includes Visual Studio 2012 and all. I wanted to make sure that the screen sizing and everything was working properly before going out and building my app, so I started by created my layout and view window to 1280x726 (The screen resolution of my phone; See for more) I then exported the project for Windows Phone 8, and then deployed the application to my phone; not the emulator (I am a registered developer, and my phone is developer unlocked). The issue at hand was that it wasn't even showing in the screen, you could only see about 50px of the button I had placed (The button filled up the whole layout, except for about a 5px spacing all around). So after a while testing the different Full-Screen modes, I couldn't get it to work, and I then figured out that the Width and Height of my phone pixels were 480x800 (I don't know why the resolution and those two are different, the SDK says 480x800 my phone says 1280x726). After I knew that, I started working my way on getting a correct size (Altering the 480x800 due to other issues I don't know), and at this point none of the Full-Screen modes are working. Any help will be much appreciated.

  • I recommend you read through this Windows Phone Games with Construct 2.

  • If you are running at 726 then you are losing about 50 pixels as the actual resolution of that phone is: 1280 ? 768

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  • thehen, Thanks for the link, but2 was saying it couldn't open the common.js file. It also said the .capx was made with r134 and I was running r132 (I updated it to r133 and it still won't work)

    BluePhaze, The screen resolution is 1280x726 BUT, in the Visual Studio 2012, I created a "Rectangle" as big as the screen, and the rectangle size was 480x800. After doing some tests, 480x800 fits better then a 1280x726.

    I'm very confused as to what is happening, if anyone could provide a simple .capx that works on the Windows Phone 8 platform (Specifically for the Nokia Lumia 920) I would be very happy.

  • NoahD you need to upload to the latest beta release of Construct 2.

  • thehen, How can I do this?

    Edit: I found the Beta release tab. Didn't see it, thanks.

  • thehen,

    I get this error message upon launching C2

    I unzipped the plugin and placed the file under /exporters/html5/plugins

  • You guys aren't understanding. Here's a simple .capx

    Here's my phone in Portrait:

    Here's my phone in Landscape:

    Both are using the same application, all I did was rotate my phone. I don't understand what happens in Landscape.

    Please, help.

  • Bump of help.

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