Vertical Scroll Plateform game

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  • Hello Guys,

    edit: Damned I have to retype everything, my long post has been gone :(

    Anyway, glade to join your community ! this soft is so powerfull !

    Even If I'm just playing with it since few days and just did the tutorials, looked at the examples of the forum. I really enjoy it :)

    Now, I tried to go forward by creating a vertical scroll platform game, I did a quick proof of concept on photoshop, but I cant figure out how to retranscript it within Construct 2. I mean there is a lot of ressources here, but even with some search, I still think its not possible ?

    So I know that there some post about tilesbackground animation in Y, but Its not what Im trying to recreate, I want to place some solid on top of the screen !

    The game would be a match between "Polar Peril" 5veru addictive, be carefull ! and SuperMeatBoy"

    So, do you guys have some ideas on how to achieve that kind of scrolling please ?

    Im still searching and If I found something, I will post it here it might interest other people :)

    Cheers guys ! and thank you !<img src="" border="0" />

  • When starting the C2, on the welcome window click "Browse all examples" and open "Platform 7 (parallax).capx".

    The player has "ScrollTo" behavior and in Layout Properties - Unbounded scrolling is set to yes. Plus this example shows how to make parallax. I'd also recommend you to go through all the examples, they'll teach you the basics.

  • Hello Noga,

    Thanks for your answer ! I didnt even saw that there was an example folder ! Erm....

    Sorry :p

    However I didnt find anything yet that can help me.

    Here what Im looking to achieve actually:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Is there anyway to do that ?

    I looked at all the plateform examples and none do vertical plateform type. (going upstair)

    Cheers !

  • You just have to place the object with the "platform" and "scroll to" behaviors down there where you want it. The screen will automatically follow it.

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  • Hey !

    Thank you both !

    I never tough of that ! :) What a shame !

    Now, I can move on and make something nice, Thank you very much !

  • I have some doubts about the ScrollTo, maybe you could help me as well.

    When we insert the ScrollTo on the player, he will be exactly on the center of the screen.

    Is there any way to set another location for him.

    I would like my Player to be a bit down on the Y axis, instead in the center line of the screen.

    thanks in advance :)

  • like i said, you dont have control over scrollto behavior, with system scroll to you can do this easy


  • really... :S

    When the Player's scrollTo, there's too much 'empty' space beneath him. for nothing.

  • yeah so, use system scroll player.x player.y-100 or something

  • I'm such a N.O.O.B.

    shaaaaaaaaaaaame on me :)

    Thanks Vtrix :)

  • Hey there I know this is old....

    But I've done everything in the tutorial and for some reason my character shows up invisible. (Yes I checked to see if the object is visible)

    It does show up however when i don't put a scroll to on it.

  • KaleGen: Post your capx we can't guess what you did and help you without it.

  • Hey, I got he same problem with the topic here

    how can we start the screen in the bottom of the layout? not the top left corner?

  • By doing this:

    System: On start of layout >> Player: Set position to (X,Y)

    That is what I know from a tutorial which ends with you being able to make a platformer (vertical) and jump upwards and spawn at a set point.

  • Hey ya'll!

    (sorry for my bad english skills)

    How can i fix it, that the screen stops at the end of the of my Layout?

    When i go to the left bottom i can see the white background and i can't scale the bg-img.

    I'm a noob! ^^

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