Vertical Scroll Plateform game

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  • Mahuki , if you are using system scrollto player.position and your layout is set to unbounded scrolling

    then you need a condition to limit the scrollto,..combine a scrollx and y test (scrollx/y is center of screen)

    system | compare if scrollx is bigger then, for example 500 , (value probably will be screenwidth/2)

    system | compare if scrolly is less then, for example 500

    action | scrollto player.position

    so it will only scroll if these conditions are true

    as always there are many ways to improve on this logic, but this is the basics

    hope this helps

  • if you are using system scrollto player.position

    how do you mean? as Event or Behavior?

    i can't find the scrollto

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  • Mahuki its in the system action list, its not a behavior

    reviewing my previous post, it might be better to

    only limit the scrollx by setting the scrollto only if the character.x is larger than 500 (leftstartposition)

    and you can offset the scrollY by setting scrollto character.y-150 for example (this will move the screen up 150pixels and hide the white space)

  • perfect! Thx!

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