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  • i must have looked at every tutorial on the forum and the first 5 pages of google but i just cannot for the life of me figure this out.

    Im trying to upload it to the android market using keytool to generate my certificate.

    I managed to generate some certificates with this code:

    keytool.exe -genkey -v -keystore release.keystore -alias (appname) -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

    But it says invalid finger print.

    Hmmm im probably trying to tackle this problem at the wrong angle can anyone help?

    thank you.

  • Are you using java 6 or 7? I remember there was a problem with 7 a while back, but I would hope they would have fixed it by now.

    Even if you are not using CocoonJS, Ludei has a great guide on their Wiki for signing APK files.

  • im on version 7 mate, yeah ive seen that i can still not figure it out lol its just one of them things i dont get :/

  • Try java 6 then and see if it solves your issue.

  • I went back to java 6 as you said but i think i found my problem im getting a SHA256 algorithm instead of SHA1 do you know how to change this?

  • Ive managed to generate a SHA1 algorithm with the DSA command i was using RSA for some reason :S.

    still no luck still invalid lol i really don't get this i thaught making the game was going to be the hard bit but it turns out that was the easy part.

  • You are sure the apk is a release and not a debug, right?


  • I think i am going to do it threw cocoonjs now pal it seems like the easy option (i hope).

    Just need to convince them i deserve premium now so more unbearable waiting around :(.

  • I've been looking for a way of publishing my already made crosswalk game to the store and I'm stuck in the part where I need to put the

    Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1): thing on the google developer console. I've check the forums up and down looking for a more "comprehensive" tutorial/process.

    At the moment I publish my apk using the intel xdk which takes care of my "android/crosswalk" file made by construct and turns it into an apk for me to download. However this doesn't seem to make any Sha key or anything like that for me...

    Any clear pointers from the team(or community) or Ashley would be very welcome. I guess it would also make for a great tutorial for everyone else trying to get their game out there.

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  • I just made a video about this because I was having some issues with the google "game center" (I can't think of its name right now)

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