How do I utilize Admob in my games? Any EASY way?

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  • I'd like to incorporate Admob into a game I'm making. I see I simply right click and select "insert new object" and then pick "Admob" under monitezation. And then once my game starts, I have it display my ad.

    However.. how the heck do I set up a admob account? I already use Adsense on my webpages, and google says I already have an account for "Admob" but of the life of me, I can't figure out an EASY way to set it up in my game. Basically, for web pages, I simply copy/paste some text into my html web page and bam -- my website automatically displays google ads.. but how do I do it using "admob" ?

    Is there a simple tutorial somewhere? I went to this page on google, but it seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated: ... uick-start

    Any help would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated. I searched the forum for a step by step tutorial for a dummy like me, but I couldn't find anything that I could follow easily. Worse yet.when I visit the above website for admob on google, I got even more confused.


    Again.. I already use adsense for web pages so I HOPED it wouldn't be much more confusing.. so perhaps I'm missing something?!

    Thanks greatly in advance. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    PS: Supposedly I must now download "Android Studio" from this website: and/or do all kinds of confusing stuff on the admob website!?. Hopefully I am missing something just to have me include some ads in a game I'm making. I'm totally stumped.. but from the looks of things, I'm starting to think figuring out how to incorporate 'admob' into Construct 2 is massively confusing -- which seems silly to me. I MUST be missing something. Right?

  • Yes it is easier to use Adsense than admob, this because admob require API integration. But if you just want to add Adsense into your game's webpage, you can simply add it on the "index.html" after you publish it.

  • Thanks for the info... Yup, I see it is VERY easy to add adsense to my html webpage. No problem there.

    However.. I'm trying to figure out how to ad "admob" inside my Construct 2 game but I can't seem to figure out a way to do it. Is there a tutorial somewhere that makes the process somewhat easy to follow because I'm at a loss.. I can't figure it out.

    Thanks greatly in advance.

  • Using Admob in C2 games is a doddle (easy). Use this excellent tutorial to get up and running in minutes: ... creen-ads/

    Also, the google link you posted is for devs to actually code in the admob plugin to games written in code. C2 is an entirely different animal and much, much easier.

    Good luck. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    PS - You want see ads served if using the XDK emulator. Ads only serve on actual devices.

  • JLH1964: Oh Geeesh. you are going to hate me, but I just started to follow the instructions you provided.. which are GREAT... even I could understand them. Hence, I THINK I properly installed the AdMob into my game. However, since I can't see the ads on a website, I figured I would try and upload it to Amazon and see if the ads are displayed there on their app store page.. I have now discovered, however, that Amazon doesn't use the Admob advertising.. I TRIED to then learn how to use the Amazon ads, but got totally confused all over again. This is the tutorial page Amazon provided me with: ... %20Project

    Um.. I'm soooooo sorry to be a pain.. but is there an EASY way to incorporate ads in my construct 2 game using Amazon? (Likewise, if you have a suggestion for where to upload my game for Android devices that does use AdMob please let me know that also).

    Thanks soooooooooo much in advance. I have no idea how you guys figured all this stuff out. My brain already hurts.

  • C2 doesn't have a built in Amazon Ads Support. But thanks to C2 great community, there's someone who made it.

    Don't forget to download the demo capx to understand it more

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  • No problem but this is a common misunderstanding. You don't need to use Amazon ads in Amazon apps. I regularly take my Google Play APK (finished binary) with Admob ads embedded and submit it to the amazon app store. never had an issue and the funds arrive as expected.

    There is no need to create a Google Play APK and an Amazon App APK - the same APK works on both, with Admob ads in both. The beauty of this is you create your app once, and it can go to both markets with no changes.

    Good luck and feel free if you have other questions!

    EDIT: Amazon ads are terrible, terrible, terrible, with low fill-rates and close to zero money return. One of my apps is on both platforms (GP and AMZ) and the GP revenue is 10x the AMZ revenue. The AMZ app is using Amazon ads.

  • Admob, isn't it for flash games?

  • Admob, isn't it for flash games?

    No, Admob is the Google owned ad revenue process. You place ads in your 'free' app or game and revenue is collected per user click. It can be quite profitable

  • > Admob, isn't it for flash games?


    No, Admob is the Google owned ad revenue process. You place ads in your 'free' app or game and revenue is collected per user click. It can be quite profitable

    Yeah, like Flappy Bird's creator earning 50k per day LOL

    Btw, what's the difference between the admob oficial plugin and phonegap admob??

  • What's the difference between admob and adsense?

  • JLH1964: I'm sooooo sorry.. but I'm still a bit confused. Here is where I'm at:

    1. I created my game in Construct 2

    2. Thank to your help, I incorporated AdMob into my Construct 2 game.

    3. I then exported the game in construct 2 using "Html5"

    But now how do I create a "Google Play APK"?

    I THINK I use the program 'Intel XDK' but I don't see any way to 'build' anything that says "Google Play APK." I see options to build for "crosswalk for android" "Android" "IOS" and "Windows 8." Or do I use 'cocoon' to make the conversion?

    So what am I missing? How exactly do I convert my Construct 2 game (that I converted to html5) into ""Google Play APK" that I can then upload to Amazon?

    Thank you greatly soooooooooo much in advance. There is noooooo way I'd figure this stuff out on my own.

  • I'm sorry. I'm still stumped. I just spent another 3 hours and went in circles and accomplished nothing. Here is what I did:

    I added AdMob to my Construct 2 game.

    I saved it as a html5.

    I then went to Cocoon and compiled it as "Google PlayStore (Android)."

    I uploaded the game to Amazon. The game plays but no ads.

    I then went back to Cocoon and then selected "MoPub" under ads services... then I read that I have to visit "MoPub" and set up an account there just to get "Admob" to work. I spent more time trying to get that to work on MoPub.. but no success.

    Um.. I'm sooooo sorry to be a pain.. but could somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide some super duper simple directions on how to get ads to display on Amazon in a game that I make using Construct 2. It seems the whole planet can do it, but I can't seem to figure it out.. and I've lost track of how many HOURS I've spent trying to figure this out. Thanks enormously.

  • I have tried countless methods to get this to work.. No luck.

    I also followed the instructions here (which were very easy to understand -- even for me):

    Unfortunately, however, this did NOT work either. In fact, when I use Intel XPK and export it to "android" not only doesn't the ads display, but the sound also does not work.

    Argh!! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

  • Hello Puzzle,

    I'm not in front of my dev PC right now so here are the steps as I remember them:

    1. Create your game in C2

    2. Create an 'Empty project' in XDK. Take note of where the 'www' folder for that project is.

    3. Export from C2 as 'Crosswalk' (accept Android defaults on the next screen) and export to the XDK, empty, 'www' folder from Step 2.

    4. In XDK - add to your project Admob plugin, icons etc - make sure to be on the 'Crosswalk' tab when adding icons and descriptions etc.

    5. In XDK, build using 'Crosswalk for Android'

    This will create two APKs - one is ARM and one is Intel. I only use the ARM version and this is what I upload to the Google Play Market and the Amazon market.

    Hope this helps.

    PS - Don't trust the XDK emulator. it will not show adds and sometimes will not play sounds that work fine on devices.

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