How do I utilize Admob in my games? Any EASY way?

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  • ...Any idea what the heck is going on?? Does this mean every time I need to upload a newer version of the game, I simply pick a number greater than the last "version code"??

    Yes indeed

    The numbers don't have to be sequential, just greater than the previous. I wouldn't worry about it too much, there are lots of numbers

    PS - Are your ads working now in the app?

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  • Hi. Did someone already test if you can include banners from sites like with the iframe plugin?

  • JLH1964,

    YES!! Thanks to YOUR help and patience, I think I FINALLY got the game to work with ads. (I THINK)

    Let me explain: I asked a few friends to try it out. Some people said the game didn't work at all on their tablet. Others said that they do not see any ads at the bottom. But when I tried it out on my tablet, it seems to work perfect and Amazon approved it and is online.

    In fact, here is the link to download the game from Amazon: ... otwantkids

    The name of the game on Amazon is "IdoNOTwantKids" in the event the above link doesn't work.

    If you get bored, please feel free to download the game and take a look. Let me know if you see the ads. It seems to work fine for me. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Great! I will take a look tonight

  • Perhaps its my imagination, but I was just using "Intel XDK" and the program asked me if I wanted to install/update the program... So I did...

    I now notice that AFTER I select "Import Your HTML5 Code Base," it then asks me "Cordova Hybrid App Project?" I now select "YES" since I think that is how I must use the Admob thingy. No big deal.

    However.. I now notice since updating the "Intel XDK" program, it does NOT correctly let me select the "Launch Icons and Splash Screens." Now.. when I select the appropriate .png files, they are not displayed. Likewise, after I build the game in Intel XPK, I notice lots of the icons/splash screens are not there. At first I figured I goofed something up.. but I used the EXACT SAME .png files for the icons/splash screens that I used before -- and they worked perfectly on the older version of "Intel XDK". Indeed, now that I upgraded the damn program, it does NOT even let me change the "splash screen" files that I selected -- even though it doesn't display them.

    Am I the only one encountering this problem? I soooooo regret upgrading the "intel xdk" program because I'm confident I didn't have this problem before. Anybody know a solution to this problem?

  • puzzele - Which OS and OS version are you on? I'm not seeing this on my Windows 8 virtual machine

  • imaffett:

    I'm sorry. I'm not in front of the computer at the moment, but I know I'm using the latest version of windows 7 professional (with every update/patch), and the latest version of Intel XDK. Again, before I updated Intel XDK (I just updated it 1 day ago), I did NOT have the problem using the splash and/or launch icons. Indeed, I am using the EXACT SAME splash and/or launch icons that I used with the slighty older intel xdk program, but now they don't work on the updated version of Intel XDK.

    Perhaps even worse, if you look at the screen shot I provided above, not only doesn't it display the splash and/or launch icons (png files), but once you select the "splash screens" (that it doesn't display), it does NOT even let you re-try and change it to something else. You can tell this from the above screen shot because you do not see the little folder icon that you click on for the splash screens (unlike the launch icons)... so once you pick a splash screen file (even though it doesn't work) it doesn't let you change it anything else after.

  • I'm posting this here just in case somebody else hits the same snag that I did involving issues with icons/splash screens in Intel XDK:

    I uninstalled Intel XDK and then reinstalled it several times. It did NOT fix the above problem about suddenly not being able to load up the icon/splash screens.

    Then, out of desperation, I loaded up Construct 2, loaded my game, did NOT make any changes whatsoever, and merely exported it once again in Cordova format (exactly the same way)... then, for whatever reason, I didn't have any problems with the icons/splash screens using Intel XDK... So who knows -- but for whatever reason.. that problem seems to have gone away.

  • That's really odd. If you can get it in a state like that again, it would be great if you could zip the folder and send me it so we could test it. It may have been a permission bug on a folder. Glad you got it work though!

  • hi JLH1964 and thank you for this nice tutorial. but what i don't understand is how the counter work ? and the relation between it and admob. and if the counter is visible in the game or not, because i make the counter as you did in event sheet, but i don't know how it look in the layout

  • Hello Puzzle,

    I'm not in front of my dev PC right now so here are the steps as I remember them:

    1. Create your game in C2

    2. Create an 'Empty project' in XDK. Take note of where the 'www' folder for that project is.

    3. Export from C2 as 'Crosswalk' (accept Android defaults on the next screen) and export to the XDK, empty, 'www' folder from Step 2.

    4. In XDK - add to your project Admob plugin, icons etc - make sure to be on the 'Crosswalk' tab when adding icons and descriptions etc.

    5. In XDK, build using 'Crosswalk for Android'

    This will create two APKs - one is ARM and one is Intel. I only use the ARM version and this is what I upload to the Google Play Market and the Amazon market.

    Hope this helps.

    PS - Don't trust the XDK emulator. it will not show adds and sometimes will not play sounds that work fine on devices.

    I followed all these steps and I can not see the ads . Any ideas? I have tried several plugins, but nothing

  • Hello,

    The ads will not show on the emulator, use an acutal device. Also, the assumption is that you have supplied an Admob "Ad ID string" in the admob area of C2


  • Posting to read the whole topic later.

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