How do I upload a picture from pc or tablet to make an avata

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  • Hi there,

    I have a project that requires a user to be able to upload a photo to make that a usable avatar. this seems possible although I don't know how it would be done with C2. I've never seen a project that lets me click "choose file" to pop up a window to select a file before.. but its possible in HTML5 so it seems C2 might have something also..

    The other question is image manipulation (what if images are different sizes, how to avoid stretching or cropping), storage and recall.. i wouldn't know how to do that. not sure if webstorage can store image files with C2.

    Then the question comes up for iOS.. iOS has camera rolls for accessing those pictures or maybe accessing files from a service like dropbox.. I'm just trying to get a sense of how easy is it to access images for a desktop computer and mobile devices.

    This feels like something that might be too much for C2 because it's just not really a game function even if some games do like to use custom images, but it would be much appreciated if anyone could speak from experience about what limits there are (if any) doing something like this



  • You can build a javascript plugin, or modifier your exported game / app. Just a idea.

    There are many tutorials who explain how to upload an avatar on your own website.

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  • ok cool that's good to know. I can see how a plugin could be a solution and great to know it's not something built into C2.

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