How do I update/edit a text remotely ?

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  • Hello guys !

    I'm here today to know how can i edit or update (its a same) a text remotely, example :

    I want to write in C2 : "Game : 20%" and more i advance in my game more i want to % up. But i didnt want to update my game, so, it is possible to edit a text remotely ?

    Like news mails in Clash Of Clans.

    Thank you to take you time to read, and sorry for my faults, good day !

    If you've some questions, or you read something wrong, you're welcome to say it

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  • Hmm it's not totally clear what you're asking for. If I'm understanding it correctly you can set up a completion % as a global variable and display it in text. Add to the % as you complete certain objectives in the game.

  • Probably you need an online server to store your data so that the player can retrieve it and display it as text ...

    Sorry for asking , why do you need to tell the player the game completion remotely ? It seems like a lot of work to do :p

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