Can twitter work across all platforms with C2?

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  • Hi there,

    So I've been working hard on some games, getting good at reaching lots of platforms and all that, but now it's time to start learning on social media to help promote the games.

    I did some searching on forums and tutorials here, but it seems like maybe there are some pitfalls, gotchas or other concerns.

    I saw this example but this seems to be a kind of popup example, not a normal web page when I run it.. i don't think popups work in a mobile app..

    So I'm just wondering if anyone out there can give a nice breakdown (Big Picture) of twitter across various platforms with C2.. is it something that should only be used in web where popups are enabled? or can this same twitter example work fine in a mobile app? I'm publishing too:

    web, kongregate, chrome store, ios, google play, amazon, nook, windows 8, windows phone 8..

    obviously with so many platforms I'd like to know if i can do twitter once and it work everywhere, or is it something that has to be wired up special in each situation?



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